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Useless-girl - Strange Affaction
Useless-girl - Strange Affaction : Chapter 3

Chapter 3

  2009.09.29. 13:08

Chapter 3

Soon we stopped in front of a regular-looking tier building. Its grey façade looked black from the traffic’s old dirt in the dim light.

“And why is this place safer than any other one?” I asked and followed the man with his hasty steps to the heavy oak-door.

“Because this is a safety house. Our clan has some in the city. It’s safe and no one will find you here.”

I didn’t answer just walked into the steeled elevator. I felt that he was looking at me after pushing the button to the second floor.

“What?” I asked still looking straight forward.

“Nothing. I was just thinking how good you cope with the situation. You aren’t in a tantrum. You’re just afraid sometimes.”

“Why? Would crying solve anything?” I looked at him questioningly, raising one eyebrow.

“No, I don’t think so” he smiled and adjusted his black turtleneck pullover’s neck.

I couldn’t stop myself; I had to eye him up and down. It didn’t matter that I was in this difficult situation, he was still that sensual Dave Gahan, who made me and my friends melt from one move in the past. Dark sexuality was pouring from every single pore of him and it was in vain trying to stop myself thinking how damned sexy he was even in these plain black clothes. I rather turned my head back to look stiffly onto the lift’s door. I didn’t pay attention on his wider smile and his gaze, which eyed me. Luckily before he could say anything, the doors slid open and we were staring down at the barrels of two gun. I didn’t dare to move as I looked at the two black-suited men with pale skin and from their eyes I realised that they were bloodsuckers too.

“Relax boys” Dave stepped forward “the lady is with me. Miss Van Tesse’d sent me.”

“Identify yourself!” came coldly from the taller bald man.

“Oh come on, Darren, you know very well who I am.”

But the man didn’t seem to react, so after a sigh Dave started whispering a few words on a strange language. The guards lowered their guns and withdrew to let us out of the elevator. When I looked around the corridor I could see them pulling back into the shadows on both sides of the hallway. The shadows entwined them and after a moment I could see nothing from them. I looked at them with open mouth then I hurried after Dave.

They haven’t overdone the lights on the corridor. We have already passed quite a few doors on both sides. I noticed that on every one there was a glimmering electronic panel which asked for the entering code. Now that I looked at the long hallway with all these rooms, I found it interesting, cuz the building didn’t seem this big from the outside. Dave stopped in front of Room 22 and asked me to memorize the four-digit code. After we were ready with this, he took my hand and slowly pulled me into the dark room, which was lit just by the lamps on the street. My eyes got used to the darkness a bit slower. Dave raked the large room with his glowing eyes then sniffed into the air.

“Alright, it’s clean” he switched on the lights and I had to cover my eyes.


“Sorry, I forgot.”

I just snarled at him, which amused him. I rather looked around. The place looked a complete flat. I slowly walked around. To the left there was a kitchen with a counter then a big shelf full of books. I stroked along some of their spines. I felt that Dave was watching me from the dark-brown leather couch, but it didn’t disturb me too much. From the right of the bookshelf three windows faced the street. The large room was made of red bricks. The suite of garniture was in the middle of the room. There was another door on the opposite wall, facing the bookshelf. I stepped in and saw a comfy bedroom with a window on its left wall. On the right from the bedroom’s door there was a bathroom and a little larder.

“Well, how do you like it?” Dave asked and lazily slid lower on the couch. I looked at him.

“Homey. But how can be here this much rooms in a regular-looking tiered house?” I folded my arms in front of my chest.

“Magic” he grinned secretly and I felt that this gesture moved something in me again.

“Okay, I won’t ask more about this. But I’d like to know how you arranged to bring me here.”

“I have my connections” he gave me an evasive answer while he patted the couch next to him.

Going around the couch I put my bag onto the wooden floor and sat down in a safe distance from him, crossing my legs.

“And how long can I stay here? And why?”

“I have my reasons, which I’ll tell you in time. You’ll be safe here for a while from your chasers. I’ll have things to arrange and I won’t be here, but busy yourself with something. Read, watch DVDs or surf on the internet, I don’t mind. I’ll come back.”

“But why?”

“What why?”

“Why’ll you come back? You’ve helped me, now it’s not your ‘responsibility’ to take care of me.”

“Oh, it is. I’m your guard so to say.”

“But why?” I repeated impatiently, leaning towards him a bit.

“You’ll know everything in its time.”


“Liz!” he looked at me decidedly, which made my next sentence stuck in my throat and I sighed resignedly.

“Alright, alright” I leant back and folded my arms “But I hope you’ll share it with me soon! I don’t want to lay low locked in here, not knowing why. What the hell am I suppose to do here anyway?”


“For example yes.”

“I’d have some ideas…” he said and I faced him from a few inches again.

“Dave, I hate when you do this. You scare me.”

“I like it when you’re scared” he leant closer, propping himself next to my thighs.

“Yeah, I’ve noticed that” I looked intently into his eyes.

“Are you mad at me?” he asked innocently, while one of his thumbs caressed my thigh softly, which nearly made me jump.

“A little bit” I said and air became thin for me when his lips touched my face gently.


“Cuz you have your effect on me” I sighed when one of his hands stroked along my thigh and opened my legs.

“What kind of effect?” his hand started to move slowly upwards from my knee, while he was kissing my face.

“You know it. You feel it on me” I licked my mouth then air stuck in me, when he began caressing my inner thigh dangerously high.

“That you want me?” he whispered into my ear then avoiding my earrings he softly bit into my earlobe. Then he started to move towards my mouth, leaving a path of kisses on the line of my jaw.

“That I want you…”

“Like in the hotel and the elevator?”

“Yes!” I moaned, cuz his hand started stroking me through my trousers and after a moment his lips’d found mine.

First I stiffened, but then I let his tongue slide into my mouth. It popped into my mind that Dave Gahan (!) was kissing me and this flattered my vanity a bit. I put my healthy arm around his neck, while with the other one I was stroking his hand on the leather and let him turn my whole body towards him. He put his knee between my legs and pulled me lower on the couch. I heard the leather scream beneath us. His kisses became more determined, while his hand rolled up my thin pullover to grab my breast through the bra. I moaned into our kiss quietly and pulled my mouth back.

“Dave, we shouldn’t do this. We should stop now…”

“Tell me why…” he went on with kissing my chin and his hand found its way back between my legs.

“Because I don’t want it” I sighed.

“Don’t lie. I can feel your desire.”

“That’s one thing” I stopped his hand and looked into his eyes.

“Alright” he sat up. I think he was affronted. He took some deep breaths.

“I’m sorry” I stood up and adjusted my sweater “I rather go to have a shower” I said and headed for the bathroom, but his voice reached my ears after a few steps.

“Because I’m a vampire? Because you’re scared that I’d bite you?”

I stopped, but didn’t answer or turned around. These were my reasons amongst other things.

“I get it. In turn I’ve eaten already. After that I can fully control myself” I’ve heard his slightly offended voice again.

“I’m sorry” I said simply and stepped into the bathroom.

After I’ve managed getting rid off my clothes and stepped under the water, I was still thinking about his words and my reasons, but after a while I’ve got bored from this and just enjoyed the hot water sliding down on my body. When I turned around, I saw through the steamy glass that a dark silhouette was standing in front of the mirror. It was him.

“Dave, please go out!” I said and turned back towards the wall. But in the next moment I felt him putting his arms around me from the back. I stiffened.

“Do you know how tempting it is for us when such a beautiful naked woman is in our near?” he whispered into my ear, which caused goose-bumps all over my body.

“You shouldn’t have come in…” I noted quietly with a sigh when he kissed into my neck and as he nuzzled to my body, I could feel his hardness too.

“Please!” he moaned onto my shoulder, while his left hand was caressing my breast and the other one slid down gently between my legs.

For a moment I let my head fall back onto his shoulder as I moaned from the feeling. I wanted him badly again and this silent request shot right into my heart. I stopped his hand and turned around. He looked at me so innocently and unsure! I pulled him closer by his nape and started kissing him greedily. The answer came right away. He pulled me tightly to his body. His hands were sliding on my back, waist, butt and thighs. He turned off the water and I let him reach under my butt to lift me up and I put my legs around his waist. He took me into the bedroom in his wet clothes, barefooted and put me down in front of the bed. I quickly helped him out of his dripping pullover, revealing his well-known tattooed chest. I immediately stroked along it with my hands, while he didn’t let my mouth go as he was holding my face between his hands.

My hands opened his belt soon and slid down all his other wet clothes onto the floor as well. He quickly stepped out of them. For a moment he broke our kiss and like someone who can read my mind – which wasn’t impossible – he smiled at me knowingly and suddenly I’ve heard his voice in my head:

‘Do what you want with me. Things you always wanted to do with me.’

I smiled at him and to silence him in my mind too, I grabbed his cock not so gently. He moaned and looked into my eyes. I willingly let him see some hot pictures in my head.

“Uh, you little minx!” he growled and started kissing me passionately while I started moving my hand on him firmly.

‘Let me go!’ I asked him voicelessly. I was curious whether he’d hear me, whether he was paying attention to my thoughts. He was. He looked down at me expectantly and let me go. I slowly kissed along his smooth and strong chest just to go on my knees. He was caressing my injured shoulder softly while our eyes met then I bent my head down and started pampering his hardness passionately which caused a loud moan from him. His fingers pulled out the rubber ring from my wet hair and he grabbed it right away.

His sighs came more often while I was working on him methodically, but he couldn’t bear it for too long. He pulled me up to him and with the same movement I’ve found myself on the bed. He was kissing me greedily and opened my legs wider. He needed just a few minutes until his kisses made the water drops disappear on my whole body and my back arched when his tongue slid between my legs. I was moaning desperately, grabbing the sheets firmly. I’ve never wanted anyone this badly.

‘Come now! I go crazy here, if you don’t fuck me right now!’ I thought loosing all my inhibitions. He slowly licked along my pussy and looked up at me with a grin. He didn’t hesitate for too long. He climbed over me and with a swift move he penetrated me with his whole length. I cried out loud towards the ceiling from the feeling and I never stopped moaning and sighing from that moment. He always guessed my thoughts, there was no need for me to tell him how to move. He made me his in a wild way and his hands were all over my body. We both fell off the cliff with a scream soon. Dave’s eyes glowed again in the moment of his climax, but now I wasn’t scared. I was strongly panting under his body. He buried his face into the pillow not far from my neck.

“Are you satisfied now?” I asked gasping for air.

“We can say…” he murmured into the pillow.

“We can say?! What kind of answer is this?”

‘Be my rider and I’ll be satisfied…’ I heard his voice in my head and I had to smile. In the next moment I rolled him onto his back.

“You wished for it…” I whispered leaning over him, which made him smile evilly.

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