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Useless-girl - Strange Affaction
Useless-girl - Strange Affaction : Chapter 4

Chapter 4

  2009.09.29. 13:09

Chapter 4

I woke up suddenly and my eyes popped out frightened when I didn’t know where I was. But when things came back into my mind, I calmed down with a big sigh. I pulled the blanket up from my chest and turned onto my side and curled up under the warm cover. This always calmed me. I was alone in the big bed. I smiled when the last night came into my mind, which I’d spent with Dave. I never thought that he could be this good in bed. Of course I never imagined him as punch, but after this… A picture came back when I woke up once before dawn and looked at him. He was watching me, but he returned my sleepy smile and let me put my head onto his chest. I don’t know where he was now, but it felt good to be alone a bit with my thoughts.

I was thinking about the happenings from day one, when that horrible attack had happened to me on my flat. It still freaked me out that I’ve killed someone. It was overwhelming to remember how I’ve left that rotted vampire in front of my fireplace and went to pack the most necessary things together and ran away into the rainy night. I was scared to dead, because I didn’t know whether he was alone or not and I couldn’t be sure that I wasn’t being watched. My instincts warned me soon that someone was following me. I never spent more than a couple of hours in the same place and when it became clear in front of me that I have to flee, I’ve crossed the ocean to find shelter here. Because I had no weapon I could use, I brought my heritage with me, the knife, which proved itself very useful. I remember my father gave it to me on his deathbed. He was my last living relative. I couldn’t remember too much of my mother. I had just blurry memories. If I think deeper, everyone had died in a strange and mysterious way around me. This scared me, but I couldn’t find its cause. I just knew that I’ve inherited a nice fortune and a few old books, which I’ve never opened. And of course the knife too, which was under my pillow again.

I slowly pulled it out from there. The faint sunlight glinted on the blade. It was after 9 am. My eyes slowly followed the line of the sharp blade. For a moment I thought I saw some kind of writing engraved into it. I turned the knife back to that angle, where the light traced out the fine lines. They flashed this time too. It wasn’t writing, but many capillary symbols were engraved in it. I didn’t know what they meant. Until now I thought that just the grip had ancient runes on it, but it seemed I was wrong. The knife was rather a dagger with its 22 centimeters. I turned it to its other side – the engraving there was different, but still similar to the other side. I frowned deep in thoughts. Maybe it was time to take a look into those books which I’ve inherited from my father, and which were in my bag under my hotel room’s bed. Those two vampires attacked me there. I have to go back, but first I have to discuss it with Dave. I hope the books are still there. I was lying on my back and was examining the blade again, while I thought that maybe I’ll find some help on the bookshelf in the other room as well.

“Uh-oh, you seem very dangerous now. Whom do you want to kill?” Dave appeared in the door with a tray in his hands.

“Ha-ha, very funny” I said and my eyes clouded over. Maybe killing was nothing to him, but I still had compunction from earlier, although it was right for me to do so. I asked myself how many times Dave could have killed. I looked up at him, but either he didn’t care about my question or I unwittingly closed my mind.

“I prepared something to eat before I go” he went on – he was in a good mood – and he waited until I put down my knife onto the nightstand and carefully sat up in the bed, pressing the blanket to my chest. Just after this did he sit down onto the edge of the bed and put the tray onto my lap.

“Just in time” I said and drank the half of the orange juice “By the way, where are you going? If it’s not a vampire-secret” I grimaced with a little smile, dulling the slight mock in my voice.

“No, this isn’t one. I go to see Jen and Stella. They arrived home today.”

“Uhm” I added maybe a bit too quickly and buttered a toast. It was interesting to detect that little faint feeling in me. He smiled a bit knowingly.

“What? Are you jealous?” he stroked my knee over the light-purple blanket.

“No. After all she’s your wife and daughter” I shrugged and immediately hissed from this “Shit… I always forget this. Don’t you have some magical cream, which’d help to heal faster?”

“I’ll bring something” he promised and I gave a little smile for him for this.

“Thanks. But back to Jen and the kids… isn’t it dangerous for them to live with you? Aren’t they suspicious at all?”

“I’ve let Jen in on the secret a bit.”

“How can you let her in on the secret just a bit?” I looked at him doubtingly then bit from my toast.

“She knows what I am and accepted it as much as it’s possible. But she doesn’t know anything else about my life – and to tell the truth she doesn’t even want to know more. It was enough for her to accept the fact that I’m not human. We have a little settlement between us: if there’s danger or I tell her that it’s about my world, she does what I tell her. Rosie, Jimmy and the rest of the family have no clue. And I like it this way.”

“I see. And…” I quickly swallowed the food “you never wanted to… change her? Isn’t she afraid that – for example during sex – you’ll bite her?”

He shortly laughed and looked into my eyes again “No, I never wanted to change her into a vampire, mainly because of the kids and I wouldn’t have got permission for that anyway.”

“Permission? From who?” I let down my hand, which was holding the toast and looked questioningly at him. The conversation was getting more interesting.

“From my Master. You know, we have some restrictive rules” he shrugged.

“What kind of rules?”

“Oh, I can’t tell them to outsiders.”

I grimaced which made him laugh so I rather bit another one from my bread.

“By the way” he went on “she likes it when I bite her in bed. It turns her on even more and during it she likes when I drink a little bit from her. She says that she has unbelievable orgasms from that” he licked the edge of his mouth and grinned.

I didn’t break the eye-contact while I put my bread down and sipped from my orange juice. His look was challenging.

“And will she get such pleasure today too?” I asked on a neutral tone.

“Probably” he answered, watching my reactions. But I stayed calm and sipped again. I didn’t care what he does with his own wife! It’s his life.

“I guess she’ll be happy from that.”

“Yeah, I think” his hand started to move upwards on my leg “Don’t you want to try it?” he temptingly touched the tip of his tongue to his sharp, but normal sized canine.

I smiled “No, thanks” I eyed him after I put my drink down “But some nice morning exercises’d be good before you go…”

He grinned evilly and took the tray from my lap then he got rid off his clothes amazingly quickly and pulled the blanket off of my naked body with one swift move before greedily leaning down to my lips…


The next time we talked was when he started getting dressed.

“I don’t know when I’ll be back. Maybe just tomorrow. Until that do something to keep yourself busy then we’ll talk a bit about what we should do.”

“Why not now?”

“Cuz I’m in a hurry and I have to go somewhere else before I go home. I have some business to arrange.”

“Alright. But I want to ask something from you.”

“What?” he turned to me, buttoning up his trousers. ‘Too bad’ I thought which made him laugh.

“I want to go back into the hotel to grab my stuff after you come back. Would you come with me?”

“Are they that important?”

“Yes. I’ll need some things. I’ll really need some things” I added when I spotted doubt in his eyes.

“Alright, I’ll escort you. You know what you’ll need. Then I try to hurry back.”


“Okay, I really go now” he bent down and gave a quick kiss onto my mouth then he was gone.

‘Now I stepped forward to Dave Gahan’s lover? Cool!’ I thought and smiled.


After I took a shower and grabbed my knife, I walked into the living room, straight to the bookshelf. I perused every line. Next to classic literature there were a lot of books dealing with history, occultism, vampires, strange mythical beasts, runes and other such things. I smiled and took two thick volumes into my hand. On their spines I could read “Ancient Runes and Their Meaning”.

Excitedly I sat down onto the couch and put the books down. I searched for some paper and a pencil. I put the paper onto the knife and made a proof of the writing with the help of the pencil. I repeated this on the other side of the blade too and copied the letters and symbols from the grip too. I rubbed my hands together and began going through the books.

I was leaning over the books for hours – I even forgot to eat. I rubbed my tired eyes impatiently. I stood up and made a coffee while I ate a crescent roll. I was staring at the books a bit angrily, cuz they hadn’t been too useful yet. I’ve managed to guess the cloudy meanings just of a few runes, but they remained senseless without the others. I sighed a big one and opened the window with the coffee mug in my hand and lit a cigarette.

Something told me as I watched the afternoon street that these books won’t give me the real answer to my questions – I’ll find the answers in the books I’ve left in the hotel room. Anyway I sat down and took the second volume into my hand and went on with the reading far into the night. Sleep found me on the couch too.


I saw blurry images. First I saw Dave and me making love then with a sudden cut I found myself out in the night. First I was running from the vampires last time then I’ve got into a much earlier age and I fled – amongst other things – from a beast and I knew that it was a werewolf. I felt that I wasn’t an average human either, because I was running from the castle in the dark woods with such speed and neatness, which was beyond a human’s abilities. The wolf caught up with me and his claws reached my robe. I fell onto the ground for a moment, but jumped up right away and undid the robe by my neck. I knew that I was holding the familiar dagger in one of my hands, but I had a graceful sword in the other one. As I glanced down I saw that it was a katana – I’ve learnt how to use it during one of my travels.

I looked into the lathery-mouthed beast’s bloody eyes and I was ready to fight and when he jumped towards me I stabbed. It howled but I didn’t manage to kill it right away. From the élan we rolled over and I felt his claws tore up my pearly dress and skin by my shoulder. I jumped up and in the next moment the sword cut off the beast’s head. I hadn’t got much time to realise I’d won or to examine my injury, because I heard hissing voices over my head within a minute. I whispered some lines on an unknown language and finally I could see the vampires on the trees and between bushes watching me. I mockingly smiled and after I fixed my knife onto my belt I raised one of my hands and set three bloodsuckers on fire in the same time. They screamed on an unearthly voice while the others tightened the circle.

“I’ll burn you alive too, if you don’t let me go! Well, who wants to be the next one?” I hissed at them angrily.

“Elizabeth, it was enough!” a deep and harsh voice sounded from the left.

When I looked there I saw a tall man’s outlines among the shadows as he was standing on a smaller mound, watching me with his glowing ice-cold eyes. His vampires backed away from him.

“You can’t command me, Amarth! Not anymore!” I spitted with hate “What do you want from me? Oh, I’m sorry – what do your ‘highly respected’ clan’s elders want from me?”

“Elizabeth, you cross the line!” he barked at me and his eyes were glowing harder, but he stayed in the shadows. His hoarse voice sliced the night air like a knife “They’ve already told you in the castle what they want from you. My only task is to bring you back to them…”

“Never!” I interrupted him “I won’t obey you! Ever! You can’t tell me what to do! I rather die!” I broke out from the circle, clearing the way with my blade and fireballs. I nearly believed that I was able to get away, but then I felt a young vampire’s arrow shot into my heart from behind.

I fell onto my knees in disbelief. The pain was unbearable. I’ve heard Amarth shouting at my murderer then he stepped behind me. I gasped for air with small breaths, but it seemed thinner and thinner with every second. With my last strength I kept Amarth from touching me and I chanted some kind of spell despite the growing pain. I saw myself and the long black hair, which covered the man’s face from the outside. Then just the excruciating pain have left and finally the icy darkness.


I woke up panting hard and I grabbed my chest and shoulder – they were hurting like in my dream. My knife seemed to glow in the moonlight. For a moment I thought I saw a pair of glowing blue eyes in the window, but luckily it was just the remains of the nightmare. I didn’t understand a thing. It seemed so real! I felt as if I had lived through this once for real! This scared me a bit, but I couldn’t do anything with it. I closed the window and crawled back into the bedroom. I hid my dagger under the pillow and went back to sleep.

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