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Useless-girl - Strange Affaction
Useless-girl - Strange Affaction : Chapter 8

Chapter 8

  2009.10.06. 16:08


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Chapter 8

Long minutes had passed while I was watching him sleeping on his tummy. It was so peaceful… I wanted time to stop just to watch him scot-free! He moved in his dream and turned his head away from me. I smiled and let my gaze wander on his tattooed back and naked ass. The sight was just perfect! Like in an album.

I sighed then reached down into my bag to pull out my grandfather’s and mother’s diary and I’ve started reading. It was early in the morning so I had time. As the pages lessened I’ve got more and more excited. I was reading very quickly. I was already reading my mother’s story when Dave moved next, but he didn’t wake up.

She wrote down in details how they’d trapped and killed Dracula. Now I knew that once my dagger was in the count’s property, but my grandfather gained it from a young vampire and it ended in his private collection. This was the last piece I had from that collection, because my dad – thinking of my future – had sold them or gave them to museums. My mother used the knife during her hunts too. It turned out from her journal entries that Dracula’d whispered that sentence, “The blood is our empire’s coppers and silver”, into her ear. On the other side of the dagger – to compensate the horrible things they’d done with it – they’d engraved a blessing into the blade. And the writing on the grip said “The guardian of the two worlds”. I could only think from this that it was a weapon of “good” and “evil” or “Hell” and “Heaven”, which is able to kill in both the living and the dead world.

When after the last page I closed the diary, I felt myself much cleverer. I was getting to know more about this new world I became part of. It was clear to me that my parents didn’t count with this “witch thing”, but I wasn’t afraid. I knew if I played prudently and I used my power, I’d be able to survive this whole thing. Or at least I hope so. Until that I have to bury everything I know deep into me and pretend that I’m on their side. I’ll hear them today what they want to say and I’ll see what they want. Then I’ll ponder what to do.

Until that I’ll make the best of the situation here… An evil smile appeared on my face and I’ve started kissing Dave’s nape and back. Soon he growled contentedly.

“Turn around, darling!” I asked him caressing his butt.

He obeyed with closed eyes and I pressed a kiss onto his mouth before my lips started to move towards a certain goal, getting lower and lower on his body.


At sundown he brought in an evening dress with neck-straps. The dress was flossy and it was shot invisibly with shimmery silver strands which glinted when the light came from the right direction. Its cut was simple – it reached down to my ankle and it had flies on both thighs, and it had a little cutting by the décolleté. Dave kissed into my neck as he ran his fingers down on my nearly naked back.

“You’re beautiful! And I go crazy from your scent…” he pulled me closer to him.

“Dave, we don’t have time for this now and we just had a shower.”

“Jeez, don’t do this to me. Let me have just a little bit…” he reached under the fly to caress my thigh.

“David, we have to go! You can believe me that I’d rather stay here with you than putting on a good face and meet those old vampires.”

“Hmm… this is flattering…” he reached under my thong which took my breath away for a moment.

“Dave, we have to be there within half an hour!”

“That’ll do” he put me up onto the commode pushing a vase out of the way.

“Stop it” I warned him when he pushed my skirt up.

“It’s useless putting up the fight, kitty” he pulled down his zipper then pulled my thong to the side too and within a minute I could feel him inside of me.

“Oh my god, Dave!” I moaned quietly then started sighing when he started to move and kissed my neck. But he didn’t bit me there, but by the dress’ round cutting on my cleavage, which allured him like a magnet. I dug my fingers into his hair and was enjoying his abrupt moves. My heart was beating like mad and soon he rushed us till the end.

“You’re crazy!” I kissed him and adjusted my clothes. He did the same then he embraced me from the back and looked into my eyes through the mirror. His irises were back to normal.

“And you love it.”

“Yes, I love it.” But in my head I’ve finished the end of the sentence with a different word: ‘You’. But he couldn’t hear it this time. He offered his arm and I followed him into the room, to see the other bloodsuckers.


While we approached the waiting group of vampires I had time to size them up. Four people were sitting by an oak-table, not far from the throne. Every one of them was watching me. Somehow I knew that from the two men and two women just one was human. She had brown hair and she was wearing a white dress and had some strange necklaces. The balding grizzled vampire next to her hadn’t die young either. The candlelight gleamed on the top of his bald head. His squishy grey eyes were squarely eying me. He tried to read my mind, but I steeled my resistance. The guy on his left had a hood so I knew that he was a man too just from his pale hands – on which he was wearing rings – and strong built. An unpleasant choking feeling awoke in my stomach as I looked into the hood’s darkness. I felt that he was more centuries old too. How did I know? It was a mystery to me as well.

The light-brown woman eyed me too, but her gaze soon jumped at Dave. Her eyes revealed that she liked what she saw, but she quickly looked back at me. I felt the weight of their gazes, although the woman in white was observing me rather blandly.

“My dear guests, let me introduce you the long awaited Elizabeth Townsend, although her last name doesn’t matter too much now” Ditta stood up from her throne and walked down to Mael’s step, who immediately slid his fingertips under the black and red dress’ fly. Of course the dress fitted her perfectly, heightening her slim waist. She didn’t even look down when she caressed Mael’s face.

Anger’s first spark snapped in me because of despising my family name, but I didn’t say a word. I held myself back. I was standing motionlessly next to Dave, who was wearing black again.

“Elizabeth, let me introduce Tegara, who’ll put you up to the ropes of witchcraft” she waved towards the woman in white, who smiled at me faintly “count Karnstein” she went on with the bald old man “Amarth” she sent a wider but not kind smile towards me while the man with the hood finally showed his face, straight long black hair and his implausibly blue eyes. My knees went weak. He was that man in the woods from my dream. He seemed strangely familiar as I was watching him, trying to put myself together not to show anything on my face and I forced myself to look at the other woman on Amarth’s side who was introduced as Mircella. She was a countess too and she greeted me with a nod.

“Fie! Did the kitty run off with your tongue?” Mircella asked as she propped her chin in her palm, leaning forward a bit “Or maybe Mr. Gahan bit it out of your mouth?” she narrowed her eyes with an ironic little smile “Ditta, my dear, you can smell Dave on her too, right?”

I looked into the woman’s eyes with a little grimace and when her gaze fell on Ditta, my eyes met Amarth’s coldly glistening hard eyes.

“Yes, I feel it just as Elizabeth’s scent on my child” she made a mouth.

“The last time they made love was maybe half an hour ago” a playful light glinted in Mircella’s eyes as she looked at Dave “Don’t you worry about your vampire? She could burn him alive…” she added ambiguously.

“I have my reasons, Mircella” she closed the topic with her slightly angry answer “Let’s switch to the purpose of this gathering!”

“I’m listening curiously” finally I joined the conversation too.

“As you know, Elizabeth Goldwing, a former powerful witch was reborn in you” the bald count went on.

“Yes and if I’m not mistaken, I was Lord Amarth’s right hand” I nodded.

‘And more than that’ I heard the black-haired man’s voice in my head. Our eyes met for a moment. Yes, I knew.

“Exactly” the bald man said “I’m one of our clan’s Elders, whom I represent here. I’ve brought my dependant Tegara with me so she will be able to help you to reach our prime goal. Namely to awake and refresh your power. She’ll stay with you until it’s necessary.”

I nodded as an answer. I was counting with this. “Can I ask why Lord Amarth and Countess Mircella are here too?”

“We thought that maybe Amarth’s presence will be helpful to restore your memories and speed up your learning process. Mircella is accompanying him.”

“I see. Thank you for your answer. When’ll we start practicing with Tegara?”

“Tomorrow morning. From that on it’ll depend only on you how fast you’ll develop.”

“And sadly from the moment you start you studies, you have to spare David’s presence so you can concentrate just onto your task” Ditta threw in with great pleasure “But don’t worry, I’m sure Mircella will be more than happy to entertain my child…”

“Oh of course!” the other vampire smiled.

I saw from the corner of my eye that Dave’s jaw tensed as the greedy eyes slid down on his body. I felt queasy. Especially because I knew that he’ll enjoy it, although he’ll have to please Mircella’s desires from must. And what says Amarth to this? He was watching me. It didn’t seem that he’d care too much about whom his escorter’ll spend the time. It disturbed me all the more, but I couldn’t do anything against it.

“And if the ‘preparing’ is successful, what’d be my task?” I looked at the old vampire again.

“We’ll talk about that later. Don’t hasten things” he flashed a very faint smile at me.

“So then if no one wants to say anything else, this was it for today” our host said in an easy manner as she sat back onto her throne. She stroked Zenon’s hand and looked at me “Your escorter’ll lead you back into your room. You can go now.”

Dave bowed, I nodded and we walked out of the room without a word.


We didn’t say a word in my room either. I’ve got rid off my clothes automatically until I was wearing just my panties and one of my olive-green T-shirts. Dave kept just his underwear on after I said to his questioning move that he can stay. He sat down onto the bed tightly next to me and took my hand. I didn’t look at him but let him caressing my fingers.

‘You know, formerly I’d have been happy to serve such a powerful vampire like Mircella. But now I’m not happy about that’ I heard his voice in my head.

‘Oh come on, Dave, the both of us know that you’ll enjoy it. You depend on your instincts too much.’

A longer silence followed this in our heads too.

‘You know I think highly of you’ he noted voicelessly.


‘Because of the way you’re handling this situation. That you act this brave and strong.’

‘I have no other choice.’

‘There’s always another choice.’

‘Then why don’t you choose against Ditta?’

‘I can’t do that anymore.’

‘Why? Aren’t you brave enough or what?’

‘No, I’m not. I have to think of my family too. She can keep me at bay with them.’

‘Ah yes, I nearly forgot them, but how could you do so? They are your family after all…’
I noted a bit mockingly. My heart was aching.


‘I’m sorry, you don’t have to say anything. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have said this, it’s just that…’


‘Just you know I have no one and… I think I’ve started to feel on your side that I have. That maybe you… Never mind, I was kidding myself again. I have to be strong.’

‘There are times when everyone feels weak. Even the most powerful and oldest vampires. Don’t worry, somehow we’ll survive this. Somehow I’ll find a way to stay in touch with you.’

‘No, Dave. I don’t want to cause more trouble to you. They’d know. It’ll be the best to say goodbye tomorrow morning and let this between us turn into a nice memory’
I looked at him and squeezed his hand.

He hesitated but nodded and let me kiss him. I’ve never felt his kiss and the moves of his hands this tender as he pulled me onto his lap and gently undressed me. His chest was pressing against my back and his fingers slid forward to find their way down between my legs. After a few minutes he buried his hard member into me, his hips moving upwards gently, and finally I let him suck my blood from my neck. I didn’t care that I’d be weak the next day, I didn’t care about my tasks, I just wanted to be with him until the last minute, until it was possible.

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