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Capri - U-girl - It doesn't matter
Capri - U-girl - It doesn't matter : Chapter 4

Chapter 4

  2010.01.10. 19:01

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Chapter 4


Dave was a bit late when he stepped into the stadium they were playing that night. He knew that Kessy’ll kill him for this, but he didn’t care. Last night they tore old wounds open with Martin and who knows what kind of pain Dave caused him without knowing about it? It was a mistake to accuse him. Why couldn’t he keep his mouth shut? He didn’t want to cause pain for the blonde man, who already had to bear so much because of him… they had to bear so many things because of each other… because of their emotions… Dave didn’t want to say those words, but he could remember that pain clearly, which had been torturing him more and more with every passing day and at the end it chased him into death. He wanted to see Mart before the concert, he had to see him! And he wanted to talk to him, cuz he knew Curly well… He knew that one sentence was enough from him and the blonde starts to torture himself. Reaching the narrow corridor he quickly passed Andy, Christian and Peter then knocked on the right door, which said that it was Martin’s dressing room.

“Yes?” his muffled voice came from the other side of the door. He was putting on glittery powder. Dave opened the door.

“Hi” he said and walked next to Martin.

“Hi” he reached for his glittering west “What’s up? Don’t tell me that John’d already sent you to collect me…”

“No. I wanted to talk to you before going on stage. I know that last night I’ve hurt you. Please, don’t be mad at me. I really shouldn’t have said that it was your fault, because it wasn’t” he looked at him.

“Oh… I see” he returned the look a bit confused then concentrated onto the buttons of his vest.

“Can I help you?” Dave smiled.

“If you want… But be careful, the glitters on you’ll be telltale.”

“I don’t care” he pulled Mart to him and leaped on the adored lips nearly desperately. He was disturbed by those memories too, although he tried to hide it.

Mart returned the kisses willingly, melting into them for a few moments, forgetting to ask himself what had gotten into Dave. Well, he had some idea of it – he was sure the memories had unsettled him too. He took Dave’s face between his glittering hands and he had to concentrate very hard not to let his hands wander downwards, leaving glitters on too unambiguous places as well.

Dave let out a wobbly sigh and closed his eyes “I want you” he whispered quietly.

“I want you too…” Mart whispered back into Dave’s mouth, nearly getting lost in the dark look “But we don’t have time for this now, the stage waits.”

Dave just moaned hearing this. He didn’t want to go onto stage and sing. He felt not enough power to do it. It was as if during the years he grew more and more tired and this suddenly came out now. He just wanted to stay with Martin and love him – for long hours, softly and he wouldn’t mind the past, the future, anything.

“Hey, sweetie, don’t wild down like this!” Mart caressed his face then gave another deep kiss, trying to give some energy to the singer.

After parting their lips, Dave smiled faintly “I go and change my outfit” and he walked out of the room.

He quickly got into his stage outfit and stepped onto the stage. The crowd went crazy even from seeing them. The concert went down easily, he was playing with the audience keenly, he was spinning, dancing and finally it was hard to leave the fans behind. Not wanting to stand there and sing was a rare thing to him, but when he was there, it was as if life had returned into him. The love of the crowd filled him up for those two hours he was singing for them. He loved them. At the end of the show the crowd didn’t want to let them go, but they had to go. After a quick shower and change they were in the hotel again. Although the others invited Dave too, he refused going into the bar and headed into his room.


Martin couldn’t bear the chitchat downstairs anymore. He excused himself and quickly headed upstairs. He felt incomplete without Dave. He felt the raging stress in his body, which was just getting bigger and bigger when his cell started ringing. It was a call from home. He quickly arranged it, because he couldn’t take it anymore. He didn’t care how Dave’ll react, or that maybe he’s asleep, he just needed him! The door was unlocked and let him step in quietly, but he turned the key in the lock. He didn’t want to take any risks.

Dave looked up and didn’t say a word. He could read the crystal-clear desire from the green eyes. Mart had no intentions wasting any time for talking so he hurried straight to the bed, as if he was afraid that the singer’d disappear in the next moment. He sat onto his lap in the same way as a few nights before, but this time there was no tenderness in his moves as the raw instincts broke loose inside of him – with one single push he pinned Dave onto the sheets, attacking the full lips greedily.

Dave returned the kiss with the same élan, putting his long arms around Martin immediately, just to feel that he was really there with him. He couldn’t get enough from the warmth of Mart’s skin, his scent, his taste, his touches… Even after all these years there was no change in the heat of desire he felt for the blonde man.

Curly dragged down the dark T-shirt from Dave within seconds. He wanted to feel his naked skin. Dave moaned when he felt Mart’s touch on his bare skin. He felt his trousers painfully tight even from this. His mate couldn’t stop himself, he had to press his own hot groin to his, nearly growling from the wonderful feeling.

“You’ll be mine…” he stated and the lust made his voice unusually low.

“I’ve already given myself to you…” he sighed when he felt Mart’s hardness on his groin.

“But I want you again… your body and soul…” he whispered, while one of his hands stroked along Dave’s length through the trousers.

“Then why are you talking?! Just do it!” he yelled on his rich voice, suffering.

Martin smiled from Dave’s impatience. If he had been in such a mood, it could have been easy to torture him a bit. He knew how impatient Dave could be, but now he had no strength to hold himself back and love him slowly and gently. The urge was much stronger. He sat up on Dave’s thighs and quickly undid the singer’s belt. One of his hands slid under his underwear right away to free the already hardening member. He squeezed it firmly. Dave had to cry out from this, but he pulled himself together and lifted his head. He loved watching Martin when he was torturing him. The desire took control over his lover so he quickly slid downwards to take the singer between his lips. He loved the feeling, when his hardness filled his mouth! Dave moaned again, but he didn’t look away from his lover. He couldn’t stop himself, he had to dug into the blonde curls – as always in such situations.

“You’re so tasty!” Mart pulled away for a moment then closed his eyes and traced a vein on the cock he was holding in his hand.

Dave just bent down and kissed him deeply. After pulling away he looked at Mart with shining eyes then let him bend down to him again. While working on Dave, with one hand he opened his painfully tight trousers and sighed with relief when the pressure eased on his groin. In the next moment he was already dragging down Dave’s trousers and pants.

“How do you want it?” he asked.

“I want to make you mine” Dave whispered “I’ll die, if you don’t let me!”

“Then do it!” he let Dave take charge.

Dave bent down to him and kissed him again. “I love you so much…” he whispered while one hand started moving down on Mart’s body “You’re the best thing in my life… I go crazy for you!” he looked onto Mart with nearly black eyes while his long fingers reached their destination, sneaking around the hard cock and starting pumping it.

A shiver ran through his lover from his words and from the feeling as well, as he felt the wonderful fingers around him.

“Dave!” he moaned faintly towards the ceiling.

But Dave showed no mercy – he bent down to Mart’s groin and took the adored member into his mouth to drive its owner crazy with his gentle work. Martin pulled Dave’s hair painfully as his hand fisted there. He thought he’d explode. He wanted Dave so badly! But Dave went on and on, until Mart was straining painfully. Then Dave straightened up and bit into his neck. In exchange for the pain he soothed it with a sweet kiss on the lips, pushing Mart down and forcing him to turn around. He obeyed and took an oily body lotion from the nightstand and threw it next to Dave’s leg. The desire for feeling him inside his body again was so strong that Mart felt his blood boiling.

Dave opened the bottle, poured some into his hand and smeared it on the right place. He grabbed himself, positioning his cock and slowly started entering his mate. Martin squeezed his eyes shut and cried out from the sweet pain and joy he felt at the same time, while he tried to loosen his muscles as best as he could. Soon Dave found the right rhythm for the both of them – he had practice in it. He propped himself on his hands next to Mart’s side and pressed his body against Martin’s back, moaning into Curly’s ear with every thrust. A shiver ran down Mart’s spine as he felt Dave’s breath between his curls and on his hot skin. He was moaning loudly as he felt the adored man penetrating him even deeper.

“That’s it… More!” he breathed with shaking lips and closed eyes.

Dave obeyed and started moaning from the heightening pleasures, nibbling on Mart’s earlobe. Mart shifted and propped himself on his forearms now, allowing an even better penetration for his love, while he grabbed himself roughly. He moaned into the pillow from the double pleasure he felt. Dave used up the better angle and losing his control he accelerated his pace, loving the man under him nearly in a feral way.

Martin felt his body swimming in sweat, but he didn’t care. He was concentrating only on Dave’s touches, voice and thrusts, and on his own pleasure, which was coming nearer and nearer quickly. After a really deep thrust he had no choice than crying out loud. His whole body was shaking and he felt the hot fluid on his own hand. Dave was still moving inside of him for a few minutes then he fell off that cliff with a loud yell.

After his body relaxed, he gently slid out of his love and collapsed next to him. His sweaty chest was moving up and down quickly as he was grasping for air. Martin tried to get some air into his lungs too, although he still couldn’t find the way back on the path of pleasures. As he was lying on his tummy with closed eyes, he was able only to slide his hand into Dave’s. Dave smiled and softly squeezed the hand in his before embracing and pulling Mart to him.

“I want to stay with you forever” he whispered.

“Me too…” he breathed back hoarsely. His eyes were still closed so Dave couldn’t see the bad feeling in them flickering as Mart thought that this probably won’t last forever either.

Dave turned to his love with a smile and brushed his finger along his cheek, looking at him with pleasure.

“I love you so much…” Mart faltered out finally looking into the singer’s eyes.

“Me too” he caressed Martin’s face again, while he got lost in his irises.


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Utolsó hozzászólásokÚjabbak 1 KorábbiakLegelső hozzászólások
2010.11.15. 10:58

Hot illustration. I know it's an old story and not only from you, so I get over the sexual sene. The emotions great again so it's the 'foreplay' part, where you write about Martin's building desire. But I've seen more realistic bed sene's fro you. And I didn't meant to offend! My Master commanded me to be honest. But it was enjoyable and I guess it fits the little fan-girls idea of a male-lovemaking.


Well, I think it's one of my fav illus. :P
Yeah, I see what you mean with the love-making scene, you're right. I just took a few glimpses at some of the lines. But you know, sometimes even the writers aren't in the mood to go into a too detailed description or stay closer to reality. If I had to re-write this story, now I'd do these scenes more realistic and raw too. But as you mentioned, it's an older one written with a co-writer and satisfies other kind of readers as well.
I'm not offended - what's true is true. I like constructive criticism better anyway.


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