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Capri - U-girl - It doesn't matter
Capri - U-girl - It doesn't matter : Chapter 7

Chapter 7

  2010.01.31. 23:13

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Chapter 7


Dave was in the common room. He was already in his vest and black trousers, sitting in an armchair. His jacket was on the armrest, he put it there carefully as if it was a fragile living being. He was a blood perfectionist on stage. He was staring in front of him maybe a bit confused as he replayed the conversation from the morning. Although his distress didn’t go away, he knew that Martin was on his side no matter what may come, they’ll face it together. He wanted to live and be creative.

When Martin silently stepped into the room, he stopped at the door for a few moments and watched the singer lost in thoughts with a smile on his face. He seemed much more relaxed next to his usual stage-fright. Mart knew that they’ll give another great concert. He was hoping that the concerts will lift the singer’s mood, cuz he knew that Dave loved his audience and the music. He was living for it.

Mart looked around in the room. There was no one there except them. Christian just passed him with his cell by his ear, so he walked silently behind Dave’s armchair and put his hand onto his shoulder.

“Are you ready?”

Dave looked up at him and smiled.


“It’ll be a great show” he returned the smile, caressing Dave’s face with the back of his hand then he put both of his hands onto the singer’s shoulders, giving him a nice massage. He felt it how tense he was under the surface.

Dave closed his eyes and enjoyed Martin’s moves then he gently took one of his hands and pulled it around him to give a soft kiss onto the skin of Mart’s forearm.

Curly laughed shortly then pulled his arm away, trying to wipe off the few glitters from Dave’s face.

“Be careful Dave, they’ll try to guess why you’re shining!” he looked deeply into the beautiful eyes, which were toned with some eye-liner.

“In the worst case I put some onto me as well. I like you a lot like this, you silver angel” he laughed.

Mart’s smile widened then he eyed his love “The feeling is mutual, my little beast…” he replied and knew that desire flickered in his eyes too.

It was a dangerous stimulus for Dave. He let his head fall back onto the headrest, reached up and grabbed Martin’s vest to pull the blonde man down to kiss him. Curly leant down to him without protesting, propping himself on the headrest and returned the hungry kiss. Dave moaned silently and the fingers of one of his hands disappeared in the blonde curls, grabbing them as he wanted more.

“Five minutes to stage! I go and search for those two jerks!” Martin suddenly heard Andy’s voice from the corridor, so he reluctantly broke the kiss. A little smile appeared on his face from the thought that they were lucky that nowadays he didn’t wear lipstick. It would have been a bit difficult to explain that. So he just ran his thumb on Dave’s slightly reddened lower lip then quickly straightened himself up, stepping to the nearby table to open a bottle of mineral water.

Dave sighed a wobbly one and before Fletch stepped into the room, he looked at Martin mesmerized.

“Now then! You’re here? Come on, let’s do this” he nodded towards the stage.

“We’re going” Mart said on a calm tone. Andy just nodded again and disappeared. Mart headed out of the room as well, with a little smile in the corner of his lips.

But Dave jumped up, caught up with him with one step and grabbed Mart’s forearm. He pulled Curly to him so that his body was pressed against Dave’s chest. The singer leant to his ear and puffed his hot breath into it “I’ll fuck you tonight without mercy.”

“Or I will!” came the reply immediately in between a moan and a sigh.

Dave just smiled and gently bit Mart’s ear then he let him go to step onto the stage.

His blonde mate still had a dark smile on his face when he took his place and the second evening had already started in the

MadisonSquareGarden. But this time the atmosphere was better than the previous night when he had been standing on this very stage. Dave went crazy. He forgot about every problem and played with the crowd happily, shaking his hips, singing, moving around and dancing. But his little game wasn’t only for the crowd. And Martin was absolutely clear with it and the way Dave was performing stunts didn’t leave him untouched. He realized time after time that he was following every move he made and when he sometimes came closer to him, or moaned into the mic, goose bumps covered his skin and his heart started beating faster. He felt Dave’s energy, which filled him up too. The crowed was screaming and singing in union as best as they could, but Martin barely saw them. When as a little relaxing episode his block came, he walked with his microphone into the middle of the stage and started his first solo, which was welcomed with a loud roar of the fans and “A question of lust” followed it. He gave all of his heart and soul into it, but he wasn’t really singing to the crowd, but to one certain man. He knew that he was watching from backstage, waiting for his turn with a black towel on his shoulder. Maybe he was even singing along the well-known lines.

It was true – Dave was standing in the shelter of the stage, melting into the darkness, like a hiding nocturnal beast. He was listening to Martin in silence – it was as if the blonde man was able to tear out his heart just with his voice. He felt the song so beautiful and true… Pain and indescribable beauty grabbed his soul in the same time as Mart let his wonderful voice out, nearly singing the stars down from the sky. Then and there Dave believed that he would be able to bring the silvery shining heavenly wonders down from the black velvet of the sky, where they were shining like many shattered diamonds – belonging to no one, spreading coldly their forever-like beauty to the world.

Martin barely moved during the song, he rather sang completely lost in it to perform it as perfectly as it was possible. He was standing there with closed eyes and felt like flying, that he was singing from the depths of his soul. Glimpsing down onto the first rows he saw many tear-stained faces and adoring looks, which made him smile a bit then he sank into his own world again. At the end of the song he said a “thank you” and got an enormous ovation from the true fans. This warmed his heart as he headed for the edge of the stage to pick up his guitar. Dave emerged from the darkness – so softly as if he was born from it. He walked towards Martin. He needed him. He stepped to him and using the darkness he tenderly took his face between his hands and leaned down to his lips to breathe a soft kiss onto them.

The whole thing lasted just for a few moments so Martin had no time to be surprised – Dave was already on his way to his micstand. Mart saw that he glimpsed back at him one more time, while he picked up his guitar, still under his spell, to return to his place. Now he simply couldn’t be mad at Dave because of this gesture. In turn the singer could not have been able to do a more clean-cut thing than this. If they were lucky, not much people had seen it. But now he didn’t care. He was in heaven.

Dave conducted the show easily, there was no cause for complaining. But he couldn’t get rid off that moment when Martin was singing out there. He went into his dressing room to have a shower still mesmerized.


After maybe around two hours Martin couldn’t bear it anymore. He thought he’d waste away if he can’t touch the singer, if he can’t make him his immediately. He wanted him. He knocked on the door. Dave stood up and opened it. When he saw Martin, Curly looked at him as if he was able to touch him only with his gaze. The blonde man standing in the doorway didn’t say a word. With two strides he was inside, banged the door shut and already pressed the singer against the wall, pressing his lips against Dave’s for a bruising kiss.

Dave wouldn’t have been able to protest, this time he wasn’t able to force his brain to fight for the dominance. He was like a yielding, tame dog. He returned the kisses and was begging for more. And Mart gave him what he wanted… He nearly tore off the white T-shirt from Dave just to scratch the warm chest and tummy with his nails. The tortured one moaned and shook as his deep-green eyes met the others, while his hands rolled up the grey T-shirt just to feed his hungry senses more.

But Martin grabbed his wrists firmly and pinned them to the wall, showing him where his place was. To emphasize his will he gave him a dangerously dark look. Dave’s beast – who was able to grow into a dreadful, flesh-tearing monster with razor-sharp claws – surrendered herself to him. A painful light flickered in Dave’s eyes because Martin stinted him of the thing he wanted the most. But Martin didn’t show any mercy. Not yet… He grabbed Dave’s jaw and pushed his head backwards so he could lick along his throat and Adam’s apple painfully slowly, while his fingertips were dancing around on of his nipples. Dave moaned towards the ceiling on his low baritone and squeezed his eyes shut in his “pain”. His mate hungrily licked his own lips, watching the crazily throbbing vein on Dave’s neck. It nearly allured him. It draw him on like a magnet so he quickly leant closer and deeply inhaled the scent of his skin, taking a bit of it into his mouth and he slowly intensified the force of his bite. His fingers started squeezing and pulling the small and hard nipple. Dave moaned out in pain, but he enjoyed it. With his free hand he dug into the blonde curls again. But Mart pulled away his head with a disapproving look. His green eyes glinted coldly and hardly from this disobedience. He took a step backwards so their bodies didn’t touch anymore and he ran his hand on the front of his own trousers, eying his lover darkly. He moaned silently when he grabbed himself through the already painfully tight jeans. Dave was disappointed as he watched the blonde man stepping away from him and he tried to find something which could gain his forgiveness.

Martin’s lips curled upwards watching his mate suffering. After he got fed up with the sight of the disturbed expression, he grabbed Dave’s shoulder with his right hand and forced him down onto his knees in front of him. When their eyes met, he looked down at him expectantly. Dave had to see just this – he immediately obeyed and did what he had to do. He undid the belt and unbuttoned the trousers, pulling it down with the underpants. Then he took the adored and rock-hard member into his hand just to quickly “swallow” it. In his pleasure Martin threw his head backwards – his mouth slightly open – and a suppressed moan escaped his throat. He quickly got rid off his T-shirt then looked down at his lover. He loved watching and feeling as his cock disappears again and again between those full lips. To heighten his pleasures he grabbed Dave’s nape to show him the right rhythm he wanted. Dave obeyed and quickened his pace. He felt Martin touching his throat, but he didn’t care, he was just giving him pleasure as passionately as he could.

Martin above him was moaning more and more and soon he couldn’t take it anymore.

“Enough!” he grunted and pulled out his glistening, rock-hard member from Dave’s mouth, pushing him backwards a bit “On the bed!” he barked.

But Dave didn’t move immediately. He gave something to his own selfish needs too with just looking upwards at his ruler for a little while longer.

Curly saw on him that he was trying his boundaries, but now he wasn’t in the mood to allow it “Now!” he said on a dangerously low tone.

Dave thought it was better to obey so he stood up, walked to the bed then sank down onto the sheet.

“Take off your pants and underwear!” the next order came as Mart was watching his lover standing at the foot of the bed. He even pumped himself a few times from the sight.

Dave did what he was told again. He wanted to ask, but he knew if he did, Mart’d have been able to leave him there just to punish him. Curly smiled from his obedience then leant forward. First he just ran his hand down on the naked chest until he reached Dave’s thighs, but during repeating it he used his nails too. His eyes wandered from Dave’s hardness to his face. Mart felt the muscles rippling under his touch. The singer hissed from his pleasure and begged with his lustful gaze not to torture him.

“On all fours!” Mart straightened up.

Dave propped himself on his shaking hands. He was seriously afraid that they won’t be able to endure his weight. Mart smiled as he grabbed the nice butt then moistened the right place. But he didn’t penetrate him yet. He wanted Dave to suffer and enjoy what he was giving to him at the same time. He teased him with the tip of his cock, while he propped himself on one hand as he leant forward and without any warning he bit hard into the tattooed back. Dave yelled out from the pain, but it ended in a lustful moan. He started panting as his desires started to grow even more.

Mart was moving downwards with his bites until he reached the sensitive waist. He was listening to Dave’s joyful moans with delight and now he had a hard time controlling himself too. When his journey has ended, he licked along Dave’s spine and panted into his ear “Well, do you want it?” he asked, teasing him with his cock again.

“Yes!” Dave moaned “Please! I’ll do anything just… just do it!”

Martin growled contentedly and stroked along the red back as he straightened up. He kneeled behind him and positioned himself. Dave’s whole body was shaking for Martin – he thought that maybe his love was just playing with him and he won’t penetrate him after all. Then he yelled out in surprise when Mart pushed his cock into him and started fucking him hard right away. He wasn’t prepared for this!

The blonde man grabbed Dave’s waist hard to steady him during his hard pushes. He was panting loudly and a few times growled like an animal from the pleasure he felt. Dave was suffering and enjoying it at the same time. The pain he felt from the hard pushes filled him with pleasure. His mate – despite paying attention on Dave – was chasing his own enjoyment. He felt that he was quickly rushing towards sweet oblivion, because he had been waiting for this since the start of the concert. The whole show was the foreplay, he thought. In his mind he saw his lover shaking his ass on stage and he growled from this picture again. He leant forward and while circling his hips he kissed Dave’s shoulder.

Dave moaned again from this sweet duality. Among other things he loved this in Martin as well. It didn’t matter that usually Curly was withdrawn and distant… he had his own beast too, which was able to master Dave’s. Maybe he was the only one who was able to do it.

“Dave… I’m almost…” he panted onto the sweaty skin then without thinking he reached forward. He wanted to feel his lover’s excitement in his hand.

From this Dave totally lost his mind as he cried out loud. He was waiting for this! Waiting for Mart to pay more attention on him. It felt as if there was no room for more blood in his throbbing member.

“I want you to cum! Now!” he growled into Dave’s ear, pushing and pumping him hard.

He didn’t have to say this twice – this was enough for Dave to explode, moaning out loud. Mart cried out from the feeling as his lover’s body was jerking under him and after the next deep thrust he threw his head back and yelled out.

Feeling Martin’s exploding joy Dave had to moan again then he was able only to listen to their heavy breathing and heartbeats, ignoring his shaking arms. Meanwhile he was praying silently that no one had been around the room, because he was sure that their screams and moans were clearly audible even at the end of the corridor.

With his trembling hands Martin climbed off Dave and had just enough strength to collapse onto the soft pillows, next to the man who was lying on his tummy. Curly’s chest was moving up and down in a quick pace as he tried to get some air into his lungs. Dave turned his head towards his torturer. He smiled and slid his hand onto the panting chest. Mart returned the smile faintly and turned his face towards Dave as well, stroking the venous hand on his chest. Even the rest of the smeared eye-liner warmed his heart as he looked at Dave.

“I hope no one was around… I mean outside. It’d be difficult to explain our yells and growls” Dave said hoarsely with a smile.

“To be honest I don’t give a fuck” he caressed the stubbly face with the back of his hand.

Dave forced himself closer to Martin “You did me unmercifully” he smiled.

“Are you complaining?” he stroked along the arm resting on his chest.

“No, not at all!” he protested “It was very good” he leant closer to look into Curly’s eyes, which were glistening from the strong will just a few minutes ago “You dominant dirty old man.”

“You love it when I’m like this, don’t you?” he returned the look with his own contented one.

“I love you in every way” he whispered then laid back, close to his lover.

Mart had a little smile on his face as he ran his thumb along Dave’s lower lip then lifted his head a bit to give a soft kiss onto it. Then he was just watching Dave’s glistening eyes. He loved him the best like this.


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Utolsó hozzászólásokÚjabbak 1 KorábbiakLegelső hozzászólások
2010.11.17. 16:07
My biggest fantasy is the submissive Dave. But I guess the cold daddy can control him like this cuz of his addiction or more like special bond for Mart. The sex again was cute. Very politely written. Maybe I'm more used to gay porn now. But it's very enjoyable. And hot!!!
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