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Capri - U-girl - It doesn't matter
Capri - U-girl - It doesn't matter : Chapter 9 - part 2

Chapter 9 - part 2

  2010.02.11. 19:44

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Dave was standing outside on his balcony in the cold wind, wearing a thick garbo and watched the few DM fans down on the street. There weren’t many of them – the majority were probably already at the arena, waiting for the opening of the gates. He smiled faintly as he was watching the medium-sized figures from above.

“What’s so funny?” Mart stepped next to him in two thick pullovers and a jacket.

“I often wonder about how much humans can bear and how crazy they can go. But it feels good.”

“You mean the fans freezing down there?” he bent a bit closer so he could peek out too, but he was careful not to let them notice him. Dave didn’t turn up the light with a reason: this way he remained invisible in the dark when he came out for some fresh air.

“Yes. They even give up the good positions in the arena to be here.”

“They love us, don’t they?” he straightened up then turned his head towards Dave who was deep in his thoughts, still scanning the street. He loved his profile.

“I think so” he went silent for a little while “Full-house again.”

“Here? Always” Mart nodded again and ran his eyes on the slim teenage-like body.

Dave smiled and looked at Martin. He saw the orange light of the lamps glint in the green eyes. For a minute they were just watching each other. Mart loved these moments too and tried to save them into the depths of his mind.

“Come in, you’ll catch a cold” he asked quietly as he reached for the singer’s cold hand and started pulling him into the dark room.

“I can bear the cold better than you. What’d you do in

England?” Dave laughed and followed Martin.

“Probably I’d freeze” he laughed shortly “But don’t say that it’s not cold here!” he glimpsed up at him, but did not stop until he pulled Dave into the warm room, waving with his eyes for him to close the door. Dave obeyed again then leant against the cold glass-door.

“You didn’t answer” the blonde man noted still standing next to the couch in the dark. In front of the city-lights Dave looked just like a dark shadow, its outlines lit and embraced by the orange dawning of the lamps.

“It’s not that cold. In NYC it’s always colder” he shrugged.

“Hmm…” Mart hummed. His true purpose was to keep the conversation going to distract himself from what he really wanted to do. He wanted to touch Dave so he could warm him up, but he was afraid that one touch on the warm skin and he won’t be able to stop himself from wanting more and more.

Dave didn’t move just watched his blonde mate quietly. The darkness hid his little smile.

“Maybe it’d be better for me to…” Mart said a bit hoarsely, but instead of leaving the singer behind or walking to him, he went to the couch and sat down on it. He pulled down the zipper of his jacket and stared in front of him, trying to fight with his desire.

“To what?” Dave slightly bent forward.

“… to leave” he said nearly on a questioning tone, but he wouldn’t have been able to bear it without Dave’s presence. He could feel it even from the other side of the room, not seeing him at all.

“I don’t want you to go” the singer stated.

His lover didn’t answer just exhaled slowly and closed his eyes as he bent his head back onto the headrest.

Dave stepped away from the glass, which got warm from his body and walked behind Martin to run his fingers in his curls. The other man nearly purred from the feeling. Dave slowly bent down to touch the neck’s soft skin with his lips. The pampered one sighed from this and reached up with one of his hands to dig into Dave’s hair. The singer sank his teeth slowly into the skin.

His mate moaned and after a hoarse snuffle he noted: “I like your pointy little teeth…”

“Yes I know, they’re sharp…” he murmured into Martin’s neck.

“They are” he gently grabbed Dave’s hair, pulling it more “Come, sit on my lap!” he said and his sentence seemed more like an order. And Dave obeyed. Soon he was looking straight into the green eyes.

Mart ran his hand contentedly on Dave’s long thighs, resting his eyes on his lover’s groin for a while. He loved feeling Dave’s weight on top of him. But he loved him obeying him even more. He was his little puppy. His look started slowly climbing upwards on the upper body in front of him, which was still covered with the black garbo. He was satisfied to see even in the half-light how fast Dave’s pulse was on his neck. Then his eyes met the singer’s. When Mart saw that Dave was about to move forward, he dug his fingers into his thighs.

“You wait!” he barked.

Dave stopped his move – but he couldn’t stop his eyes getting darker.

“Good boy…” he stroked along Dave’s thighs a few times then he slid his cold hands under the sweater, touching the warm skin and watching the singer’s reactions.

He hissed and jumped a bit from the feeling. He loved when Martin treated him like a dog. It nearly caused real pain as he was commanding him, but he couldn’t resist.

“Now you can kiss me” he told him on a low tone, while he slid his already warm hands down onto the fine ass and couldn’t stop himself: he had to grab it.

Dave leant forward until their lips met. First he kissed Mart tenderly – recalling that unsure feeling he felt when he’d kissed Mart for the first time.

Martin let Dave discover his mouth – during that he didn’t waste his time. He slid his hands forward and ran them on Dave’s already rapidly hardening cock under the fabric of his trousers. He knew how badly he can turn Dave on when he plays his daddy… After a few strokes he undid his belt and trousers, but left it there – he wanted him to suffer more. The tormented one moaned from the sensual pain, but returned to the blonde man’s lips soon. Martin smiled into the kiss a bit then pulled his head back from the red lips. He ran his index and middle finger on them. Dave couldn’t stop himself, he had to taste them! He fulfilled his desire as he made the fingers disappear in his mouth.

Mart gave him a satisfied smile “That’s it…” he whispered hoarsely and for a few moments he let Dave sink into what he was doing with closed eyes. Then he pulled his fingers out and grabbed Dave’s nape with his other hand to kiss him greedily. He led his wet fingers towards a decided destination and they soon disappeared at the back of his lover’s loosened trousers. First he slowly slid just one finger to the right spot.

“Do ya want it?” he whispered onto his lips, while his finger was teasing Dave gently.

“Yes…” Dave moaned hoarsely as he closed his eyes and was waiting for Martin to carry on.

“I couldn’t hear it! Ask for it nicely!” he pulled his hand back a bit.

“Please!” he whined from Mart’s ‘leaving move’.

“Much better, sweetie…” While he pulled his flushed face closer to him by his nape, one of his fingers started to penetrate him.

Dave’s back-muscles strained from the pleasure he felt and he had to moan lustfully. His fingers dug into the couch. After a few moves Mart positioned his other finger too to give more joy for his lover. He knew where to reach and make him lose his mind within moments.

“Move! Help me!” the other quiet order came, but seeing Dave’s pleasure he wasn’t able to use his harsh tone. He loved watching him like this. He was beautiful! Even in the darkness he knew that Dave’s face was flushed.

Mart didn’t have to ask it twice – Dave gladly gave himself to the even greater pleasures as he started to move his hips in the way he does on stage and this made him cry out loudly.

“That’s it, sweetie…” Mart caressed his thigh with his free hand then reached under the pullover to gently scratch along Dave’s chest and tummy “Do you enjoy it?”

Dave couldn’t answer just propped himself over Martin and moaned and moaned unstoppable. A lost sweat-drop slid down on his temple, which had formed on his skin from the mixture of concentration and joy. But only his moans weren’t enough for Curly – as a punishment he pulled out his fingers and looked at the singer with a cold stare again. Dave looked back with animal-like eyes. He swallowed hard. It wasn’t easy but he forced patience on himself and answered on a wobbly tone: “Yes, very much…”

A little smile dawned on Mart’s lips “And? Do you want more?” the barely audible whisper came while he enjoyed the trembling of the body over him.

“Yes I do!”

“See how merciful I am with you…” and he penetrated him with his fingers again, pushing the right spot.

The reply came with a big moan “Yes… yes you are!”

His tormentor bit down on his own lip while he reached into Dave’s trousers from the front too to free the rock-hard cock, which was waiting only for his touches. He grabbed it firmly at once and started to pump it hard, not caring about his own painfully tight pants.

This new and wonderful sensation came from thin air for Dave. He had to cry out loud “Oh God… Martin!”

“Come on, my little beast, tell me what you feel!” he licked his mouth while his hands moved unstoppable.

“The wonder!” he yelled out again.

“No, it just comes now…” he laughed shortly and hoarsely then his hand, which was squeezing the hard cock, switched to such a rhythm from what he knew Dave’d cum within a few seconds. He bent slightly upwards to steal a kiss from Dave.

“Oh God…” Dave exclaimed when he felt that rhythm and he knew that it’ll push him over the edge in no time, which he’ll express with an enormous climax.

“Cum for me, sweetie, cum!” he moaned hoarsely into Dave’s open mouth with an equally cloudy gaze.

Dave gave out a deep moan. His muscles were jumping uncontrollably, shaking Dave’s trembling body as the singer was agonizing over his tormentor. He loosened his numbed hands with putting them on Martin’s shoulders just to put his weight on them again very soon. He was moaning his joy to the blonde man.

Mart was satisfied as he felt the warm liquid running down his hand – nearly burning his skin – and feasted his eyes with the sight of the singer, who was out of his mind. He slowed down the moves of his hands then pulled out his fingers from behind. He pumped Dave’s cock a few more times then lazily tasted his sperm.

After the rave Dave’s muscles collapsed – just like his body did on Martin. His tired muscles quivered time after time while he panted for air. He rested his head on Mart’s shoulder when he collapsed like a ragdoll.

His lover embraced his back and waist contentedly, but couldn’t stop a little moan when Dave’s hand accidentally touched the straining bulge in his pants. This moan was an insensible reflex – Mart didn’t plan to get his share of pleasure now. This time only Dave mattered, he wanted to make him happy and it seemed that he’d succeeded. He was still rolling Dave’s taste in his mouth as he was embracing him.

The singer slowly came to his senses. He slightly pulled away from Martin just to be able to look him in the eye.

“This was something… wonderful” he whispered into Curly’s mouth, nearly touching his lips.

“I’m glad I could make you happy” he stroked along his side.

“You could feel more gladness…” he whispered back while he started caressing him through his trousers.

Mart inhaled in a wobbly way, closing his eyes for a moment from the pleasure he felt, but he pulled himself together and grabbed Dave’s hand to pull it away.


Dave looked confused.

“After the concert…” Mart stroked along Dave’s arm “Until that I let the tension build…” he looked up. Dave’s pupils were still wide from the pleasure and the half-light. “And… maybe you’ll enjoy my little surprise even more…”

“Your surprise?”

“Oh yes… But you’ll get it only if you make such a show, which’ll give me a hard-on” he whispered dirtily.

“You won’t have just a hard-on… You’ll cum from it” he flashed an evil smile while he ran his fingers in the blonde curls again – but this time there was no tenderness in this move – he grabbed them firmly to pull Martin’s head back to get access to his neck, where he left a wet trail with his tongue.

Mart inhaled sharply then made a purr-like groan.

“Aren’t you too self-confident, sweetie?” he pulled his leg looking up at the ceiling.

“You think I am?” Dave looked up.

“Well, I have no memories from cumming on stage because of you… I’ve just got excited from you” he stroked along Dave’s face.

“When?” he snatched at the chance to know more about this.

“A lot of times” he shrugged “But you act as if you didn’t know this well…” he rolled his eyes with a smile.

“I’m curious… Would it disturb you to cum in front of others?” he mused.

“You mean in front of a stadium full of people? Yeah, it’d probably disturb me.”

“No, not specifically like that, it just came to my mind. I meant it in general.”

“On whom did you think? I mean what kind of situation did you imagine?”

“Strangers. I wasn’t thinking about any situation, this was just a hunch I had to ask.”

“Now it’d probably bother me. If you asked me this twenty-whatever years ago, maybe I’d have given you a different answer. Why? You wouldn’t mind it even now?”

“Yes, I would. Those times have slid away” he laughed bitterly “But I thought that you still have that reckless ‘insanity’.”

“I still have it somewhere, but maybe it has a different form now.”

“What kind of form?” curiosity glimpsed in the green eyes.

“Why should I tell you my dirty secrets when you can experience them as well?” another spark of dominance flickered in his irises.

A smile spread slowly on Dave’s face then he leant closer to kiss his lover again.

“Do you want to rest with me a bit more before the concert? We could go to bed, couldn’t we?” Mart asked after finishing the kiss “You could use some rest, right?”

“That’s all I want now” he murmured.

“Then let’s go, you jewel of a singer!” he smacked his butt to make him stand up.

Dave laughed then obeyed and headed for the bed.



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Utolsó hozzászólásokÚjabbak 1 KorábbiakLegelső hozzászólások
2010.11.17. 17:02

Sorry! This is my favourite part so far! Dave is so gorgeous in his ecstasy! Loved every word!


Well, I think this wasn't the last time you said that this was your fav part... >:)


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