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Capri - U-girl - It doesn't matter
Capri - U-girl - It doesn't matter : Chapter 10 - part 1

Chapter 10 - part 1

  2010.02.18. 13:51

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Chapter 10 – part 1


After a few hours Dave was standing behind the stage lost in thoughts, waiting for the crew to finish adjusting the technical stuffs. His band mates were standing next to him. He dematerialized for the show holding his head between his hands, listening to the crowd – he called it his house pet – as it called them to go on stage. He smiled when the audience roared: he knew that this was probably caused from the appearance of the DM logo. And they were getting more and more impatient – yelling, clapping and chanting the band’s name, while trying to scream half Hungarian, half English sentences towards the stage. He saw a silvery glint from the corner of his eye – Martin pulled closer to the stage, maybe peeking out on the audience. Andy – as always – was waiting calmly and quietly to go. Dave never knew what was going on in his red-haired friend’s mind before going up there. Peter and Christian exchanged a few meaningless sentences. They tried to ease the light tension with chatting.

Martin’s fingers were already warmed up as he was listening to the intensifying clapping. He’s heard earlier that

Douglas’s performance with Nitzer Ebb was successful too. The blonde man let the little well-known tension and excitement before the concerts wash over him. He knew that it was worthy to give more to this audience. And the “Intro” has begun… Peter, Christian and Andy walked up on the stage, which caused an enormous roar in the arena. Mart had a little smile on his face when he appeared on the stage too and the screams grew even louder.

Dave walked out into the light too and the discord reached its top. He walked to his microphone, bowed then waved to Martin, who started playing on his guitar. For a little while he just listened to it then he joined the song and the crowd followed him. It wasn’t a wonderful experience just for them, but for the audience too as they were singing the well-known lines. Martin couldn’t stop himself: he had to glimpse at Dave with a little smile.

The lines flew quickly by. During “Wrong” the fans nearly razed the arena to the ground as they were moving together to the dynamic song, then “Hole to feed” came. Martin let himself go and was playing the familiar song so easily that even if someone woke him up, he would have known the melody by heart. For a while he was playing with closed eyes, but when he looked up, he caught a white flash for a moment. He squinted towards Dave in disbelief, checking if he had seen it too.

Dave was on his way towards Martin when he saw that white flash. He just had a moment to read it then saw as the security guys pulled it out of the owners’ hands and exiled it back into the bag. But no problem – he will do what he was asked for. Martin shot him a warning look, but nothing else could be seen on him. He was hoping that the makers of the sheet just had a lucky guess…

But Dave just smiled. It didn’t really mattered anymore – he gave a kiss on Mart’s cheek after “Hole to feed”, which was followed by a loud roar – probably from the females. (It was likely that the makers of that sheet were girls too.) But he didn’t want to be that obvious like in

New York. He won’t let himself go that much again, but small touches were still okay. He kept them for later. He loved the crowd and already felt that this concert will be much friendlier than the one last year. The first few rows were totally out of their minds, it was good to look at them, but if he looked past them, he could see that the ones with the ‘sitting tickets’ were already standing and the beholders of the ‘simple standing tickets’ were eagerly reaching for them too. And the fans in the first rows nearly fell over the cordon.

Slowly Martin started to ease up too and even Dave’s touches haven’t bothered him anymore. He had a little smile on his face as he listened to the roar in the arena when “Walking in my shoes” came. Dave didn’t waste his time, he took action: he was dancing, moving around, encouraging the audience… and torturing Martin. Once when he propped his back to Mart’s during his guitar solo and moved away at its end, he pushed his butt to Curly’s. He knew that the fans had noticed him pointing out his tongue, cuz they made a noise again, but it didn’t bother him, he was just shaking his ass. As he got in the swing of the show, he started getting rid of his clothes.

And Martin had to swallow hard from the sight. He knew, he felt that Dave was performing stunts mainly for him – obeying to his request and disguising it as the part of the show. He had to smile from this and when the singer came to him during a break between the songs, Mart whispered into his ear on a low tone:

“Just go on with your little show… You’re very exciting…” and the flashed a smile at him too.

Dave answered just with a dark grin and gave a sexual look for the first row. Of course he’d got loud screams for that. He laughed and paraded away to start the next song and go out on the catwalk. Of course the screams from there were clearly audible too as the people around the catwalk and in the sectors saw him coming closer. Martin just quietly watched the singer playing with the crowd, dancing back and forth on the catwalk. And every time Dave moaned into the mic, he gave him a hard time holding himself back. The delicate tension of lust has been resonating in him since the afternoon. He’d chosen not to let Dave satisfy him before the concert, so he was getting more and more excited. But of course he tried to gain control over this – nonetheless he wasn’t that withdrawn like at the beginning of the show. Now he wanted Dave to touch him as often as it was possible.

Dave did his best – the crowd was cheering and moving, singing and shouting his name. But now he’d disappeared behind the stage to give Martin some space.

After putting down his guitar the blonde man walked slowly into the middle of the stage and began “Insight”. He remembered well those times when he wrote the songs for Ultra. Well, that album was written mainly for Dave and told how Martin saw and processed Dave’s most self-destructing period. The fans often say that they like the duality in that album: next to the dark melancholy hope is there in the songs too – especially in this wonderful song. He couldn’t sing it without getting totally lost in it. He knew that Dave knew he was singing for him. Mart suspected that there are a lot of tear-stained faces in the crowd, listening to the song without breathing or singing along. And now he started the familiar “You’ve got to give love” line, making the fans sing it.

The next track was “Home”, which was flowing with similar meaning and magic and toward its end he reached the height of it where he let his voice out to fill the whole arena, mesmerizing the moved audience. He got an enormous applause of course. He liked his own block, cuz during it he could breathe together with the whole arena and the music didn’t suppress the singing and the clapping of the fans that much. At the end of the song he couldn’t leave the enthusiastic fans behind so he signaled them to sing more. Then he thanked their participation with a smile and let the returning Dave making them sing a bit more. He barely covered the glimpses he sent towards Dave, cuz these two songs moved him as well as it has recalled a lot of memories.

Dave gave the rhythm to the audience and let them sing, taking command from Mart. At the end he made the crowd lionize Martin. Of course they’ve followed what the wanted them to do keenly. Finally he took command of the show and it went on.

The crowd got into the swing of the show again and Martin has enjoyed the way as they were partying out of their heads or slowed down and sang along the slower songs reverently. During such moments he could nearly touch the love and energy they were radiating. He knew that these two things were running and prodding Dave to give them even more from himself. As he was watching the singer giving 200% into the show, the feeling of love he felt for him washed over Mart again, beating down the massive lust which was burning him from the inside. He knew that during the concert he shot a lot of hot looks at Dave. Sometimes he nearly undressed the slim panther with his eyes and if he had the chance, he had whispered a few dirty things into Dave’s ear.

Dave had enjoyed the night very much and he was satisfied by the sight of the raging crowd as they gave themselves to them, reaching towards them. He knew that he gave in and communicated more than last time they were here. Since then a lot of positive things had happened in his life – especially the turn of events in his illness. It was good to see the audience enjoying the concert and he gladly gave more to them. He was out on the catwalk a lot of times – he barely could come back from there. During the first encore the audience went nearly crazy – they wanted them back. Martin went back to them with “One Caress” He was singing so beautifully… When Dave went back onto the stage he knew that it was clear on his face how deeply this song had touched him and during that night he introduced the blonde man for the third time, to show his respect and admiration for Mart’s amazingly beautiful voice. It was unbelievable how many ways this man could get him on his knees.

His blonde mate accepted the umpteenth introduction gratefully. He saw on Dave that he too could barely hold himself back – but now Mart felt love radiating from the singer, which he accepted with a huge smile. He knew that they gave a grate show and the audience could be satisfied as well, although they wanted the band back when after “Personal Jesus” and the group-hug they’d left the stage. Dave was the last of course who came down. Mart saw on him that he was exhausted at the end.

“Everything’s okay?” he put his hand onto Dave’s sweaty back, which was already covered with a black towel.

The man was sucking a bottle of water dry. After finishing it off and sighing deeply he said: “Yes. I grew tired a bit at the end, but it was wicked! They are crazy!”

“Yeah!” Martin laughed. He was in a good mood and he calmed down a bit. “Do you hear it?” he eavesdropped, stopping on the half-lit corridor for a moment to calmly listen to the still lumbering arena.

“I think tomorrow we can count on some fans at the hotel.”

“I agree” he stroked along Dave’s back “Go, pull yourself together, rest a bit and then…” he whispered into his ear. He simply couldn’t hold himself back. The concert just turned him on even more.

“And then?” Dave asked, forcing Mart to retreat to the corridor’s wall.

“Then you can see your little friends again…” he held out a carrot with him.

As an answer Dave leant dangerously close, but before he could kiss him, he just smiled and stepped away from Martin to pull himself together.



Mart let the singer go with a dirty smile and after half an hour he was waiting silently in the car, which was about to take them to the hotel. He had already planned the rest of the evening in his head. After the rest of the band got in and they’ve got to their quarters Dave went into his room. He filled his empty stomach with some food then just watched the city through the balcony’s glass-door.

Martin knew that he was waiting for him to come, so he took his time. He ate dinner on an easy pace, watched the end of a football match then stood up and put Dave’s “surprise” into his back-pocket. He stepped into the room quietly, without knocking. It was lit just by a little lamp on the nightstand. He immediately spotted the slim figure standing in front of the window. He didn’t hesitate, just locked the door and walked behind the man – not touching him yet.

“What did you bring for me?” Dave asked. He heard and now felt Martin behind him.

“You’ll see, sweetie…” he breathed into his neck and watched the goose bumps appear with a smile “You know that you’ll whine for mercy, don’t you?” he asked whispering.

“Tell me when I didn’t do it for you…”

“Well at the beginning of our relationship you were fighting for dominance quite a lot…” he ran his fingertip on Dave’s shoulder.

“Those were hard fights” Dave smiled and looked at Martin.

“But you liked them, don’t you?” he ran his index-finger on the singer’s spine this time.

“Don’t you?” he asked back while a shiver ran down his spine from the nice touch.

“Sure I did… But you didn’t answer my question…” he noted on a slightly dangerous tone as he pulled on Dave’s T-shirt a bit.

“Yes, I liked them” he gave him what he wanted, but there was a little rebellion in his voice against Martin’s dominant behaviour.

His lover didn’t answer – he changed tactics and let the man go to walk to the bar. He took two glasses off the shelf and poured some vodka for both of them – doing this without a word. Then he sat up onto one of the bar stools, put his hand onto his glass and just waited.

Dave sneaked to him with curiosity “I thought you’ve stopped drinking, haven’t you?” he asked with a little smile.

“You’ve stopped drinking too – haven’t you?” he slid the other glass to him, letting his own go for a moment “Well, I don’t know who’s the one who sends down a few strong drinks time after time…” he looked at him.

“I had problems with drugs” he took the glass from Mart and drank the vodka with one shot, slightly panting and sighing from it.

Mart just snorted hearing the obvious denial. He remembered those wild times… But he let it go and lifted his glass to drink his share too.

Dave put the glass down and looked at Martin “And… what kind of surprise do you have for me?”

Martin didn’t answer right away just reached into his jeans’ pocket to pull out a pair of slim but strong Japanese ropes. He took them between his hands and straightened them, playing a bit.

“I think you remember your little friends…” he noted on his dominant self’s lower tone.

Dave’s muscles tensed, like an animal sensing the sweet scent of his prey, but knowing that he can’t move yet “Oh, yessss…”

“And do you want to… hmmm… to take a closer look of them?” he playfully straightened the ropes with a sudden pull.

“Would it make any sense saying ‘no’?” his green eyes glinted.

“I don’t think so, sweetie…” he smiled darkly while a dangerous light flickered in his eyes.

“If I did, what would you do? Tie me up with force?”

“Come here!” he slyly avoided the answer.

Dave obeyed to his blonde mate without a word. Mart’s expression changed into a satisfied one as he put the ropes next to him on the counter and slightly bent back to prop his elbows on its edge.


The addressed one propped his hands on the counter on both sides of Martin, so now he was entrapped as Dave leant closer to him. Curly let his eyes wander on his lover’s fine body, still sitting on his stool. He inhaled deeply, feeling Dave’s scent and the heat of his body surrounding him.

“Hmm… it’s good to look at you…” he whispered and his eyes were glistening with such a pervert light which he knew would turn Dave on within a few minutes.

“Why is it good looking at me?” Dave asked back with a dark smile.

Mart reached out with one of his hands and slowly caressed Dave’s chest through his pullover and T-shirt.

“You’re beautiful, sweetie…”

Dave closed his eyes and enjoyed the touch, like a tamed big cat. That little lopsided smile was still in the corner of Martin’s mouth as he watched his lover. In that moment he really remembered him on a tame panther. He slowly rolled up the black garbo and T-shirt, reaching under it to stroke along Dave’s ab-muscles.

But the tame panther wasn’t that tame as he showed. His wildness was still deep inside of him and it surfaced, but just warningly. Dave slowly leant closer to the other man’s neck – first just to inhale his scent deeply, as if he tasted the smell of blood, sizing up where he should give that precise bite which could silence his prey for good – if he wanted. He slowly flashed his sharp teeth to touch the neck with them, sinking deeper and deeper into the skin without breaking it, but causing growing pain, and finally letting the red fluid out.

Martin let him do what he wanted – later on he won’t have too many opportunities anyway.  And not to mention that he was enjoying it… For a while he remained silent then cried out loud when another wave of pain shot through his body. He grabbed Dave’s hair and pulled his head away from his skin just to look into his eyes for a moment. The green eyes met its nearly black pair as Dave’s animal-like nature came closer to the surface. The blonde man straightened up as he was sitting on the stool, but he was still a few centimeters shorter than the singer. Playfully he took Dave’s lower lip between his teeth to torture him a bit. But Dave wanted more – he broke away wildly, causing a wound on his mouth, but he didn’t care. He pressed it against Mart’s nearly violently, vindicating Mart’s kisses to himself. For a moment the blonde man smiled into the bruising kiss, but after their teeth knocked together from Dave’s desire, he began returning them too. His hands were already tearing off Dave’s pullover and T-shirt. His lover didn’t care about his clothes, he wanted just one thing: getting what he desired.

After the rest of the T-shirt had landed on the floor, Martin – still kissing his mate – had lost control for a moment and had to deeply scratch along Dave’s back. The singer broke away from him for a moment to hiss, but then he wanted his share again. His hands started wandering on Mart’s body – discovering the lower areas hastily.

But Mart grabbed his wrists firmly to stop them.

“Not yet!” he panted after the wild kisses, although he couldn’t deny that his groin was on fire from the rising desire he felt since the afternoon.

But this time Dave didn’t feel like obeying – he tried to reach lower with force. Martin’s eyes flashed coldly seeing this disobedience and he pushed Dave’s chest a bit to have enough space sliding down from the bar stool. With a sudden side-move he danced out of his reach to get behind his back. He grabbed the half-naked man’s wrist and pressed it against his back, while he firmly forced him to step forward. This way Dave had to put his free hand onto the counter if he didn’t want to lose his balance. Of course he didn’t like this and tried to use his strength as a sign of resistance, trying to free his wrist. But Mart grabbed him very firmly – for a moment it ran through his mind that it was likely that his marks will be visible the next day, but he didn’t really care. There was more strength in him than people would think after the first sight… He pushed the singer again, who had to nearly lay onto the counter now. Mart quickly reached for one of the ropes, leaning over Dave’s back – nuzzling to him with his whole body. When during another twitch Dave touched his groin, he couldn’t stop a growl.

“Easy, boy…” he whispered into Dave’s ear.

But Dave wasn’t willing to calm down: he didn’t give up and let out a low, growl-like sound. However, Mart knew his weaknesses and the ways he could tame him. Without any warning he reached between Dave’s legs and grabbed him a bit firmer. It was as if someone had pushed the magical button on Dave – he immediately pulled his claws back, hid his sharp teeth and his muscles relaxed. He became like a unicorn with the golden halter in his neck, following his capturer no matter where he was going.

Mart watched his mate contentedly while he didn’t waste the time with his hand either. He was pampering Dave through his trousers a bit. He moaned again, but this time from the rising pleasure he felt – he didn’t care anymore what Curly was doing to him, he just wanted him to do it as fast as possible. His torturer felt that he surrendered to him – from this licked his mouth expectantly then pulled his hand back, using a harsher tone he knew Dave loved:

“Give me your other hand!”

Dave offered it to him, trying to turn his head and look back at Martin with his shining eyes. He wanted to see his face. For a moment Curly’s eyes met with the lurking ones – this made him fall out of his concentration and couldn’t stop a lop-sided smile while he reached for the other rope.

“Turn back towards the wall, sweetie…” he said on a slightly strafing tone.

“I’m just wondering what you’ll do to me now” he said while he turned back.

“Oh, don’t be so curious… I’ve planned it already…” he laughed shortly. He started tying up Dave’s hands with the slim silk ropes. He pulled on them to check how tight they were. He feasted his eyes on the sight as the ropes cut into the fine skin for a long moment. Dave growled from the momentary sharp pain then moved his fingers and waited. After checking his circulation as well, he grabbed Dave’s shoulder and straightened him up to adore his work.

“Turn around!”

He turned towards Martin and moved his shoulders a few times, trying his ropes, but they were tight. Martin made him harmless.

“You’ll stay there until I call you” Curly commanded in such a tone as if he was talking just about the weather. Meanwhile he was preparing his next torture: he pulled the zipper down on his sweat-suit and just let it fall onto the floor. His thin pullover soon followed its example, but he took off his T-shirt much slower, watching Dave’s reaction.


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