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Capri - U-girl - It doesn't matter
Capri - U-girl - It doesn't matter : Chapter 10 - part 2

Chapter 10 - part 2

  2010.02.18. 14:03

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Chapter 10 – part 2


He watched hungrily as his prey got mastery over him and played with him. Mart stretched contentedly then - watching Dave - he lazily ran his fingers down his own chest until they reached down to his belt.

“Do you want it?” he stroked his belt. He felt how tight his pants already were, cuz of course this little game turned him on as well.

“Do it or else…” Dave said on his low tone, straining his arms.

“Or else what, my panther?”

“Once I’ll be free from this ropes…” he promised.

“Oh yes, I know” he grinned “And I won’t put up a fight, but now you’re not the one who has the power…” he walked to him, sliding his fingers under the front of Dave’s trousers to pull him after him by that “Come, sweetie, I have something for you. It’s high time to take it into your hand…” he said hoarsely from lust and started retreating towards the back of the sofa. Dave let Mart pull him to the back of the couch then waited for the next instructions. The green eyes started glistening darker and darker as another wave of lust washed over Mart and his next command came hoarsely: “On your knees!”

Dave smiled then slowly kneeled down, sitting back onto his heels and looking up into the blonde man’s eyes. With a dirty little smile Mart ran his fingertip on the line of Dave’s jaw then started undoing his belt. After a minute he could finally feel the pressure in his trousers lessening. He watched Dave swallow hard with pleasure. The singer wouldn’t have been able to tear his eyes away from the sight as Martin was getting rid off his clothes - layer after layer.

He wasn’t in a hurry but finally he was standing there naked in front of the kneeling Dave, still holding his gaze. Just when he nodded and put his fingers around his own cock did he say hoarsely: “Come!”

The other man moaned from the calling then kneeling up he nearly swallowed the offered body part in his greediness, moaning contentedly and dully when he could finally have it completely in his mouth. Mart slowly let his head fall back and moaned with slightly opened mouth from the long awaited pleasure. The fingers of his free hand dug gently into the dark tufts. Dave tasted Martin tenderly, as if he was sucking on his most beloved tidbit. As a matter of fact this wasn’t far from the truth. He glimpsed up at his mate who was enjoying his slow licks immensely, filling out Dave’s mouth completely.

“That’s it, sweetie…” he sighed towards the ceiling thanks to the slow moves “I love it when you’re doing this…” he looked down at him with cloudy eyes. He went insane from the sight as Dave Gahan was kneeling in front of him, hands tied up behind his back, running his tongue on the base of his hard cock. Dave let him go deeply into his throat then slid halfway off him just to swallow him completely again. He started accelerating his speed slowly, torturing the blonde man just a slightly more with every move. He wanted to take his time with this.

“Oh God… Dave!” he moaned and his hands fisted in Dave’s hair from the pleasure he felt.

But the addressed one had shown no mercy – he went on with his actions, feeling Martin getting even bigger and harder in his mouth. If he did this for the first time, it would have been likely that he chocked from it. But this wasn’t the first time…

“Wa…wait!” Mart moaned with the skin of his teeth after a fine trick of the tongue on him and he slowly pulled out his glistening cock from the singer’s mouth – holding his lover by his hair not to snatch at him. Martin wasn’t sure if he could pull himself back in case he let Dave swallow him that deep again. He looked panting on his captive.

Dave looked back at him questioningly with his glistening lips. Martin didn’t think: suddenly he found himself on his knees in front of Dave and took the flushed face between his hands to kiss him hotly. His mate was barely able to keep up his pace and return the kisses he gave to him. Curly reached between Dave’s legs without breaking the kiss and stroked along the notable bulge in the front of the now tight trousers.

This time Dave was the one who had to moan a wobbly one. The things Mart was doing to him until now didn’t let him untouched and his body showed this. Mart’s lips, tongue and teeth slid onto the singer’s neck, starting pampering it, while he undid Dave’s belt and button. He slowly slid the zipper down, enjoying the erotic sound it made. Dave panted over Martin’s shoulder and nearly went mad from the feeling as his daddy’s fingers moved slowly deeper and deeper into the hotness, which awaited him inside his trousers. Mart licked along the side of Dave’s neck, pushing the trousers lower on his hips. He groaned contentedly when he realized that there was no underwear this time either. In the same moment he bit into Dave’s neck and took him in his hand. This produced an unarticulated yell from Dave, which was triggered by the double pleasure and ended up in a lustful moan. To heighten their delight even more, Mart slid closer to his lover and took both of them into his hand, starting to pump them slowly, biting into Dave’s collarbone then panted as he propped his forehead to the singer’s shoulder.

“Mart!” Dave whined when he felt the other rock-hard member touching his. He had to look down and he wasn’t disappointed: he saw few dirtier things than this sight. He couldn’t turn his gaze away from the picture as Mart was pampering both of them masterfully.

“Do you want it?” he growled into his hear, pulling himself together a bit.

“How can you ask this?!” Dave whined again. His feelings and knowing what Martin was capable of and what he was doing to him was nearly torturing him.

“Wrong answer…” he bit down on his earlobe, tickling Dave’s ear with his hot breath, but in the next moment he had already pulled away and let Dave go. He crawled backwards a bit and stood up.

Dave was already flying high, but then… he fell back like a stone, smashing to the ground and shattering into thousand pieces.

“Mart!” he cried out “Why did you do this?!”

He didn’t answer just curved his lips into a dirty smile as he started getting around the man at his mercy to head towards the bedroom. Of course this was a huge effort to make, pulling all of his self-control together, but he tried not to show this. Just the shining of his cloudy dark-green eyes was telltale.

“Martin! Where the hell are you going now?!” Dave asked him fiercely, trying to get free from his restrains, cursing. It can’t be that his blonde lover’ll just leave him here like this, dragging him back from the gates of pleasure in this mean, sleazy way just to torture him! Mart gave him so much dirty pleasure, he thought he’d go nuts from them…

“You stay here!!” Mart shouted at him and his eyes flashed firmly for a moment as if Dave was a dog he had to show his place with the gesture of his hand as well.

Dave’s eyes just followed Mart disappearing. He told him this one order in such a tone that he dared not to disobey, although every cell of his body protested against it. He wasn’t sure at all that the blonde man’d return to him or not.

Mart tried not to hurry too much, but the desire had already clouded his mind. He knew what he was looking for. As he walked into Dave’s bedroom he pulled out a black sport bag from under the bed… Meanwhile Dave was shaking like a leaf. His cock was straining so hard it nearly hurt and his owner’d have done anything to get some release. Martin – because he was barefooted and the thick carpet swallowed the sounds of his steps – was able to slowly walk back into the living room without a noise. He enjoyed the sight of the kneeling man. His tied up hands were already shaking a bit from the ropes and the lust. His trousers were pushed down over his knees and his naked butt tensed time after time as well. Martin stopped behind the unsuspecting – and probably cursing – singer and willingly let the object make a telltale noise as the end of it slid onto the floor. Dave lifted his head and tried to peek over his shoulder with a curious gaze. He knew what he’d heard.

“You know that you were a bad and greedy puppy, don’t you?” Mart asked on a low tone while he grabbed and slightly squeezed his lover’s neck “You don’t want to obey to your daddy? Too bad…”

“And now you’ll punish me?” Dave tried to turn around as he tried to look into the green eyes.

“I’ll punish you…” he said on a darkly cold, but excitingly pervert tone “Turn forward!” he pushed him a bit more by his neck.

The dark-haired man heard the command and did what he was told. Martin rounded his lips contentedly as he stroked along Dave’s straining shoulder, letting him go and opening the leather-collar to put it around his neck. He licked his mouth satisfied, still standing behind the submissively kneeling man. He bent down for the silvery chain and walking around Dave he faced him, holding the still free end of the chain in his hand.

“Look up!”

The green eyes met their match “Aren’t you afraid that your dog’ll bite back one day?” he asked quietly on a shaky voice.

“Hmmm…” he smiled slowly “Maybe the Master won’t mind it that much…” He hooked the end of the chain into one of the loops. This way it became a leash. As he started retreating – letting the chain sliding out of his hand – his fingers had found their way back to his own hardness. Dave watched the move with dark and lustful eyes.

“Come, my little pet, come to daddy…” he whispered on a dirty tone, still backing, but now he gripped and pulled the chain a bit, signaling Dave to move.

Dave slightly pulled the chain back, showing that his personality wanted to rebel against this, but his desire was stronger and crawled closer on his knees – although he was more careful than usual.

“Alright, good boy…” Martin whispered contentedly and closed his eyes halfway from the desire. He felt himself getting even harder from the sight. For a moment he looked behind his shoulder to size up the distance between him and the couch and he was satisfied to see that he was nearly there at the furniture. But the chain was still long in the air between them. After a few steps he sat down onto the couch and prepared himself for the enjoyable sight. With his free hand he started playing with himself lazily, while the other one pulled the chain time after time, barking “faster” or “slower” to Dave.

Dave was enjoying the game. He just wanted to jump at Martin and tear him into pieces, but he liked that he couldn’t do it, that he kept him on a tight hold. He knew that his time’ll come too and that it’ll be brutal. But now he lived just for Mart, obeyed just for him, suppressing his own instincts painfully, doing what the familiar but still so different voice asked him. This voice was able to clang and sing so beautifully as well, if its owner wanted that. He’d do anything for Mart, he was under his spell. But this wasn’t new for him.

Mart moaned lustfully when he pumped his cock a bit harder. By that time Dave was quite close to him. Curly opened his legs a bit more then pulled the chain one last time so that his puppy had to prop his chin on his thigh, very close to his ready hardness.

“And now go on with what you’ve started earlier!”

The dark-haired man went for the rock-hard cock happily, but now he wasn’t gently. He licked, swallowed, bit it and gladly and greedily did anything he could do without his hands. Mart threw his head back and moaned loudly – and this moan was followed by new ones. He didn’t care about anything else. He was just grabbing Dave’s chain. Dave belonged to him. He chained the singer to him. Now he was just his. Now and forever…

Dave felt the pull, which was intensifying with the blonde man’s pleasure and at the end Martin was the one who pulled Dave over him.

“Oh that’s it! More! … Don’t stop!!” he moaned rattling and was scratching and pulling Dave’s head and hair in his pleasure.

His lover tried to obey nearly in a feral way as he was puffing, trying to get some air into his lungs, which wasn’t so easy with his full mouth and throat.

“Sweetie… Dave…. Sweetie, I’m almost… Arghhh!” he squeezed his eyes shut for a moment, but he didn’t want to miss the sight. He wanted to watch Dave while he was cumming after the long waiting. As his gaze fell onto the face of his lover, who was totally absorbed into his work, he couldn’t take it anymore: he gave out an enormous cry and shot his release into the singer’s mouth, who greedily swallowed everything he had to give. He did it so hungrily as if his life depended on it, as if there was nothing better in this world… as if he could drink in something from the fragments of the passing seconds. Finally he pulled away from the now limp member and looked at the blonde man heavily panting. Wetness was glistening around his mouth.

Martin moaned from the sight again and letting the chain go, he took Dave’s face between his hands to pull him up to him gently but urgently, licking off his own juices. Dave – because he had no free hands to prop himself – leant against Martin’s chest, letting the other man pull him up and kiss him.

“I love you so much…” Mart whispered faintly between two kisses, leaving his dominant self completely behind. Now he was just a man who was hungry for love, who was in love, who was able to trust and open up for Dave again after a long-long time.

“I love you too” Dave whispered back and from this position he had a nice close view on the green eyes.

Martin smiled and caressed Dave’s flushed face.

“Tell me what you want” he asked. It was unlike him giving the control to Dave.

“Let my hands go! My arms are already in pain” Dave asked and Mart could spot the faint begging in his voice, which meant that his pain was already quite strong.

“Alright, turn around” came the soft and a little bit worried answer as he sat up.

Dave turned around carefully, cuz just a little move of his arms caused serious pain now. They went totally numb and he felt as if they were about to come off.

“I’m sorry…” Mart muttered as he leant down and started giving a careful massage to the throbbing arms.

“I’m not complaining” he flashed a dark smile then gave himself completely to the pleasures of Martin’s touches. Thanks to them the life had returned into his arms – although the process was a bit slow and painful. The blonde man was doing his work profoundly as if he wanted to make up for the pain he caused with this.

“Do you want me to take off the collar as well?”

“No” Dave smiled.

“Do you still want me to keep you in chains?” Martin laughed quietly too as he stroked along Dave’s Celtic tattoo.

“I’ll always be in your chains” Dave puffed while he put his head down onto Martin’s chest. He smiled when he heard his lover’s heartbeat.

“What?” he ran his fingers through the messy hair then started stroking the singer’s hair.

“I’m just listening to you. I am you and you are me…” he whispered.

Mart just nodded silently and stroked a wet mop of hair out of Dave’s face.

“Come, climb onto the sofa and nuzzle to me” he asked tenderly while he slid lower on the couch so Dave could find a more comfortable position for his head when he put it back onto his chest. Although the floor was a bit cold for Curly’s bare feet, he didn’t care now. He just wanted to have Dave close to him.

The dark-haired man climbed next to him and found his place, resting his head on the previous spot and embracing Curly’s waist with his hands. His mate was lazily caressing the singer’s hair, tattooed back or side. He loved these intimate moments, which seemed so rare to him! Although in the last few months – since he let the grateful singer close to him again – they shared such minutes more often. These weren’t just the echoes of their satisfied needs, but balm for their wounded souls. They’ve got the deepest cuts in the past from each other and for a while now they have been working on fixing the mistakes – as much as it was possible. Dave was puffing quietly and contentedly. He enjoyed this peacefulness and he knew for a long time that this was much more than just tight friendship. He loved Martin – more than anyone else, maybe more than Jen. He gently dug his fingers into the blonde man’s skin by his waist just to feel that he was really there with him.

“I love you” he whispered quietly “More than anything.”

Mart smiled with closed eyes then he bent his head to the side, watching his naked love on his lap. These two sentences warmed his heart beyond words – especially after all those things they’ve got through during the years.

“I feel the same, my little beast…”

Dave glimpsed up into the green eyes. Now he couldn’t hide his feelings. He felt himself so unbelievably happy and lucky!

Martin put the now warm chain aside and as he heard its sound, his gaze fell onto the black collar, just to reach the open and honest look, filled with love. Now he found David more than fragile, vulnerable… and beautiful. He didn’t know how they’ve got here, how did they succeed to develop such an insoluble relationship.

“I’m condemned to you…” he whispered, stroking along the stubbly face.

Dave just looked into the other man’s eyes and felt the warmness filling his heart. Yes, they’ve belonged together for good. If he had to leave Martin, he wouldn’t know what he’d do… Surely he’d suffer from it beyond words and maybe he wouldn’t be able to act like a whole, healthy man ever again.


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Utolsó hozzászólásokÚjabbak 1 KorábbiakLegelső hozzászólások
2010.12.01. 13:14
Again the illu is brilliantly setting the mood. From now you can imagine this line from me at the beggining of every comment. I have to digest the long emotional chapters to be able to write about it. The skip to the Hungarian gig was cute and the 'foreplay' of Mart. Simply smoking hot seens. Quite painful to me. I really like the submitting Dave but again Martin holds the lease.

I'm glad that both the illus and the chapters have an effect on you, Mr. Yukk...


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