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Capri - U-girl - It doesn't matter : In a parallel universe (IDM special)- part 2

In a parallel universe (IDM special)- part 2

  2010.04.11. 23:09

Dave answered just with a deep groan and bent his head back to the tiles so he couldn’t see as Mart propped himself with one hand on the wall and knelt down in front of him. In the next moment he already ran his tongue around Dave’s tip, who pressed himself more against the tiles and his hands slid on the wet surface time after time. He opened his eyes and looked down at the blonde man with a wild gaze. Martin was watching him while one of his hands and his lips were moving on the rock-hard cock. His other hand reached under Dave and started playing with his balls. The singer had to swallow from the sight then he panted loudly. His fingers got into a muddle with the wet curls as he tried to force Mart taking his whole length into his mouth. But the kneeling man in front of him showed his displeasure with sticking his finger into Dave’s ring and pulling it a bit harder.

Dave growled but didn’t give up – not yet. As an answer another stronger pull came by the sensitive area. Another wave of pleasure and pain shot through Dave’s body. His hand fell down from Martin’s nape and returned to the tiles.

Martin grinned up at him darkly and contentedly then he focused on the throbbing, venous cock again. This time he started playing more gently with Dave’s platinum ring. Of course he wanted to please his lover as well so he took more of him into his mouth. Dave’s body was shaking from desire and the tiled walls echoed his voice. He couldn’t get enough from the sight of the wet and kneeling Martin.

Martin licked along Dave’s whole length in a slow and sensual way, looking into the dark eyes. When he reached his tip, he said on a hoarse tone: “I love your taste…”

Dave bent forward, grabbed Curly’s arms and pulled him up to give him another deep kiss. Martin couldn’t control his hands: they were scratching Dave’s side, abs, back and thighs or just caressing them during their long kiss. He pulled away from his lips and kissed along his jaw until he reached his ear, whispering into it on a low and pressing tone: “Let’s go back to the room!”

Dave just smiled, closed the tap and already dragged Curly out of the bathroom just to push him onto the mattress and crawl over him. They’ve left wet spots on the sheets, but they didn’t care. Just one thing was on Dave’s mind: he wanted to be one with his love as soon as possible.

Martin didn’t protest, he let Dave rule over him and pin his wrists onto the sheet over his head. Mart tried to stretch his neck and get a kiss from him, but he couldn’t reach his mouth. Dave just watched his tries with a smile then leant closer, but just until Mart could barely reach his lips – still not able to kiss him properly. The man under him struggled against the firm hold, trying to press his lips more to Dave’s and had to moan plaintively when he didn’t succeed.

Finally Dave took mercy on him and bent down to meet his lips. One of his hands let Mart go and slid down on Curly’s wet side. He broke away from Martin and slid lower until his face was in the line of his groin. The divine, hard cock came into his view. He couldn’t get bored from its sight, scent and taste. He bent down and swallowed him in deeply.

He grabbed the sheet over his head and bucked his hips. After a few moments’ delay a deep, throaty groan left his lips. Dave would have smiled, but because his mouth was full, he couldn’t. He just looked up with a stifling gaze and returned to his work to make his mate even harder.

After a long glimpse this time Mart closed his eyes and let his head fall back onto the pillow, closing out every visual stimulus and concentrated just on the ones which hit his body, panting quietly. He watched as his pulse jumped and felt himself flushing, felt the growing heat and energy, which radiated out of him, embracing both of them. As he was lying there in the waves of desire washing his body with Dave’s touches, he asked himself again how it was possible that this man – his friend, his mate and his love – was able to shake his world this much… that he was able to drive him crazy and make him want him maddeningly…

“Let… let me down to your throat!” he uttered out with difficulties, trying to swallow, but his mouth was too dry for that. Dave obeyed again – just like he did several times in their common past.


She was standing there eyes popped out, frozen to the spot. Her hand was still resting on the door handle as she pulled back the half-opened door until she was able to look into the room just through a thin line. She never expected to see something like this. She wanted to surprise her husband, because it was a long while ago since they’ve seen each other. She wanted to run away, she wanted to break away from the sight, but she couldn’t move. It didn’t matter that every cell of her body was protesting against the happenings – she couldn’t intervene or go away… It didn’t matter how much the scene made her shudder, it captivated her. Dave…! He can’t be her husband! And still!

She had no doubts that it was him pampering another man – his friend – with such devotion she experienced in the early years of their marriage. Well, he had pleased her like this since then, but lately she felt during their lovemakings as if sometimes Dave was far away… Maybe here? With Martin?

Her thoughts made her stay there and watch. It wasn’t a competition to compare herself to this absurd situation, it was about… curiosity. She wanted to see Dave like this. And knew that if she ran away now, maybe there’d be no other chance to watch it – or she won’t have the courage for it.


The two men didn’t suspect a thing, they just gave themselves to the pleasures. Martin had to moan again and let the sheet go with one hand to run his fingers through the dark hair, slightly pulling on it. From this Dave attacked him with his teeth too. Now he didn’t want Martin to mess with his little game. He grabbed his wrist, indicating to let him go right away or it will hurt. Badly. The blonde man took a wobbly breath – considering his options and how he wanted to turn out this act. Then he decided it… His fingers pulled the wet and messy hair even more, showing Dave that he disobeys and waited for his reaction, holding his breath. His lover fulfilled his threat: he let his sharp teeth sink into the sensitive skin. He didn’t cause permanent injury, just momentary pain.

Martin cried out in pleasure and pain. His whole body strained hard, he squeezed his eyes shut and dug his head back into the pillow. Dave intensified the pressure of his teeth. He wanted to have his will, he wanted Martin to obey to him when he doesn’t want it but has to. In his torment his hand squirmed and let it slide down from Dave’s hair onto his shoulder to scratch it half-unconscious. Dave pulled away from the tortured member, which’s skin was harsh red after he marked him – but he didn’t care. He was quickly over Martin again and his black, evil eyes found the green ones.

“You are killing me…” Martin faltered out hoarsely, looking up at his torturer half-blind from desire – but he couldn’t control his hands: they grabbed and scratched Dave’s hot skin. He wanted to feel its softness, he wanted to feel that he was here with him…

This time his lover let him do this. His dominant self didn’t come out fully – just a part of it was visible darkly in the green eyes. He slowly lowered himself onto his forearms. This way his supple body touched Martin all along. He bent to his lips and whispered: “What do you want me to do now?” he asked.

“Take me… take me rough…” he breathed and slid one hand onto his lover’s face to caress it “… in a way it suits you, sweetie…”


Jen held his breath, listening to the short conversation and started to grab the door handle harder. She hardly dared to blink.


Meanwhile the blonde musician tried to pull the beast over him closer to ease the burning hunger of his lips with a kiss… but Dave tensed his muscles and straightened out his arms, tearing out himself from Mart’s grip. The deep-green eyes flashed evilly, reflecting feral hunger. With his next move he turned Curly’s body around and placed one of his hands between his shoulder-blades to push him into the mattress. Next to his straight arm he bent down to his ear as much as he was able to.

“You wanted me to take you rough?”

For a moment Mart just panted from another wave of excitement he felt “Oh yes…!” he moaned nearly into the pillow.


Jen seemed to forget how to breathe. She was still grabbing the handle without noticing that her fingers turned white from it. A completely strange Dave Gahan started to form in front of her eyes – it was a shape of a wild animal. It was a rigorous, lawless and an always hungry beast with glowing green eyes, constant growling and sharp fangs. This couldn’t be the same man she knew and lives with! She had met his dominant self several times, but not in this form… This strange metamorphosis stunned her. Now she started to understand what Dave could have meant earlier when he said that having sex with Martin was something completely different…


He was waiting for Dave’s next step with shaking body. He tried to lift his back a bit just to try whether Dave still wanted to push his head into the pillow or not. He felt himself like a dirty slut – straddling and waiting for a hard fuck. He felt his rock-hard cock throbbing painfully again from this thought. The place where Dave bit him was still burning.

The singer didn’t hesitate for too long – he had an awfully painful hard-on. His cock was nearly begging for his mercy. He nuzzled to Mart’s body again to grab his own cock and slide it into the blonde man. Martin nearly screamed from the slightly burning pain as Dave forced his way free through his sphincter, penetrating him without mercy.


Jen was watching her cruel man and Martin’s painful reactions. She couldn’t imagine why the blonde man let Dave subordinate… humiliate him this much… And it was even more shocking to look at Dave’s face, which reflected pure pleasure as his muscles shook, strained and let out a loud groan. The sight was frightening to her, but in the same time it gripped her too. She didn’t know why and how, but somewhere the intimate relationship of these two men affected her – though she couldn’t decide how. There were so many emotions swirling in her!


The subdued man screamed into the pillow with all his might and tried to intensify his painful pleasure with moving his butt backwards, “sliding” onto the torturing member. A loud smacking sound was heard and Martin’s skin turned red where Dave spanked his ass.

“Easy, tiger!” he barked and grabbed his waist to pull Mart’s body on him.

Curly thought that he’d go nuts from the smack and the order! He moaned lustfully and after a few hard pushes he couldn’t stop himself: he wanted more! He propped himself on his left forearm and with his right he reached between his legs, grabbing himself and hoping that Dave’ll be gracious to him…

But Dave just laughed at him when he noticed Mart’s move, while he grabbed his shoulders and was about to start the ruthless chase. The man in front of him had totally lost every connection with the outside world – he panted or rattled by turns while his hand was moving on himself quickly. But of course he would have liked the best if Dave’s long fingers would have done it, but he couldn’t complain. The hard and throbbing cock was moving in him harshly, filling him out completely and he wouldn’t have been able to name a more heavenly feeling.

“Please… Dave…” he whimpered into the pillow.

Hearing the begging Dave slid out of Martin and turned him around forcefully again. Maybe his fingers’ grip will leave purple bruises as they dug into the skin harshly, but he didn’t care. The mattress moved as he pushed Mart’s body on it, who was lying on his back now. He saw the begging, desperate green eyes, but there was no sorry or mercy in his eyes.

“I want you to rub off your cock in front of me and enjoy it more than anything!” the new order came.

Martin lost his mind from this and another wave of blood rushed down into his groin and he had to pant through his half-opened mouth.

“As you wish…!” and he squeezed himself again, doing what he was told. From the urging lust he started pumping himself firmly, never leaving Dave’s cool eyes with his. He wanted to please his ruler, he wanted to see satisfaction in Dave’s pitch black eyes desperately.


The woman watching them secretly had to grab the doorframe with her free hand from this turn of events. The sight was terrifying and exciting at the same time for her. But she barely dared to admit it to herself.


Dave watched Martin obeying him with a satisfied smile and this evil, cold smile just got even wider when he heard the first louder groans. From the pleasure he felt Martin could hardly keep his eyes open. Watching this beautiful naked man over him and masturbate by his command… He thought he’s in Heaven… Dave’s face was expressionless while he slid back into the tight hotness and started moving again. Martin felt that it was almost too much for him to bear – he groaned nearly desperately and a bit warningly to tell Dave that he was very close… He let his lover reach under his knee and lift one of his legs to get even better access and go on with his cruel thrusting. He wanted to shag Martin until he reaches his climax. His hips moved passionately as he gave him his hard thrusts. Suddenly the sweaty man’s body under him jerked and arched his back, screaming towards the ceiling and giving himself completely to the double pleasures…

The dark-haired man felt the hotness of the juices which hit his tummy and he had to moan from this. He slid out of Martin and grabbed his own cock, pumping it fast, rushing towards his own joy. He surrendered and marked his blonde mate as well. Mart slowly realized through his tingling senses that with a loud yell Dave came onto his own relieved cock, which he was still gently pumping. He looked up at the sweaty, flushed and panting singer. He always found him mesmerizing in these moments of pleasure.


Meanwhile Jen put her hand over her mouth and watched the scene, shaking and clinging to the doorframe. It was nearly scary to see Dave… as he was one with another man, and the way he enjoyed it that he could be himself this much. He was never like this with her! Not this much! Since he knew about them, a few times she tried to imagine how it can be seeing her husband in such a situation, but reality was much crueler to her as she would have thought.

Watching her husband in such a situation… she just couldn’t find the words. And these sudden changes! She knew him quite well, she knew that he can be immensely happy in one moment just to fall into deep lethargy in the next one. But she’d never seen this much passion and desire in him… and he gave it to Martin!

She wanted to close the door and flee, but she wasn’t able to take off her eyes of Martin, who looked at Dave with love, although he just tortured him! How was this possible?!


The man lying on the bed reached up feebly with his left hand to caress Dave’s sweaty face then with his digits he clung on the throbbing neck just to feel the running pulse under his fingers. With his right hand he lazily smeared their mixed juices then he reached up with his wet fingers to carefully stroke along Dave’s testicles and member.

Dave leant down to Mart’s lips and moaned onto them from the feeling before kissing him.

“I love you, you beast…” Mart panted after the kiss, letting his head fall back onto the pillow.

“I love you too” Dave whispered. He was moved by his emotions as he gently caressed his face and got lost in the green eyes.


Jen nearly screamed from her husband’s sentence, but she was able to suppress it just in time. The feelings on Dave’s expression were clear… pure love, tranquility and peace… and she wasn’t the one who got all these, but a man.


“I think you’ve finished me off for a while” he said quietly and a little grimace ran through his face when he moved sideways a bit to pull his love next to him.

“Oh yeah, resisted hard” he rolled his eyes and found his place nuzzling close to Martin, putting his arm around him. He breathed in the scent of his body and gave a peck onto the soft skin of his shoulder.

“I should have put up more fight?” he sent him a dirty and happy smile, caressing the hand around him.

Dave didn’t answer just stroked Mart’s chest lazily and listened to his slowing heartbeat.

“I feel uneasy because of Jen” he said suddenly breaking the peaceful, calm silence.

Mart sighed while the woman standing at the door stiffened hearing her name. Curly’s body tensed a bit. His happy bubble was busted by Dave’s one sentence.

“Don’t think about this now, luv…” he asked looking at the ceiling “You’re just torturing yourself.”

“I wouldn’t last for long without you” he confessed.


His wife – who was still watching them – was shocked, but this time not because she was taken aback or was grossed out. She saw how vulnerable Dave was now. How scared he was. How much he needed Martin. And that she had the power to kill a part of her husband. She felt sorry for him.


“Neither would I… especially now that I dare to love you open again…” he swallowed then carefully – like someone who’s afraid of an unexpected kick – turned his face towards Dave.

“How open?” came the next quiet question while his long fingers touched the skin of Mart’s face softly.

“If we look at our relationship then I’ve opened myself up for you completely. Like back then when… when you weren’t ready to accept this” he quietly hinted onto those times when Dave pushed him away and ‘laughed’ on his deep feelings… when he closed up towards him and he dared to really trust him since Touring the Angel again.

“I wish we could…” Dave began, but went silent. His sentence was too serious to say it out loud.

“Yes… I know…” he sighed bitterly “But you know that we can’t…”


Shock, anger and amazement were swirling in Jen hearing this. Would her husband be able to leave everything behind for Martin and their love?


“How would it be?” Dave mused. Would he have a better, happier life, if he could love Martin freely? How far would they get? Would he leave his family for him? Would they move in? He had to smile from the thought: living together with Martin under the same roof…

“Tell me you don’t want to go into this topic now…” the blonde man said and felt a lump in his throat. He has imagined this so many times already… how perfect their common life could have been in a parallel universe, but the cruel reality always dragged him back to the ground.

“Would it make any sense?” he looked at him with his sad green eyes.

Martin just shook his head and pulled up Dave’s hand – wherewith he was playing for a while now - to his lips to kiss it. His mate smiled faintly, but the sadness didn’t disappear from his eyes completely. Martin decided that he won’t leave it that way. He’ll try to cheer him up or at least distract his thoughts. He turned to his side and bent over Dave to kiss him on his mouth this time.


The woman was about to leave the scene after hearing this conversation. Something was terribly aching inside of her. She wouldn’t have been able to bear another of these conversations or lovemakings… Or was she wrong? Seeing the tenderness as Mart kissed Dave made her stay. She wanted to see the true essence of their relationship, because by now she knew that it wasn’t about just sheer lust.


Dave’s arms were already around Martin as he returned his kisses with soft passion.

“Can I love you?” Curly asked the ambiguous question, looking into Dave’s eyes for a moment.

“Love me!” Dave moaned desperately “Please!”

Martin suppressed a bitter smile and lay on top of Dave with his naked body then kissed into his neck and began gently caressing his side. Dave shivered from the delicate touches and moaned into the kiss again as a wave of lust and love filled his body. The blonde man started kissing Dave’s body slowly and tenderly, tasting the salty and warm skin. After a few minutes he slid his tongue onto one of the small nipples and started licking around it, getting closer and closer with every lick. Dave’s another rich moan filled the silent room.


Jen’s never heard her husband moaning this way. She just wouldn’t have been able to touch him the way Martin did. She couldn’t call forth this kind of desire from him. No matter how frightening the sight was for her, she still found discovering this side of Dave fascinating. She could sense that nearly palpable tenderness in the air as these two men loved each other, as their tongues slid on the other’s skin – licking off the wetness – and as their fingertips touched the delicate surfaces… She held her breath as she watched Martin finally sucking the nipple between his soft lips then biting gently on it. His hand stroked along Dave’s naked thigh and his fingers found the sensitive skin of its inner side.


Dave moaned nearly painfully and reached for Mart’s wrist forcefully to pull it upwards. His love let his fingers touch Dave’s ring then stroking along his balls they finally found the semi-hard cock. He took him into his hand very gently and started pumping him with soft moves. Dave grabbed into the blond curls then his hands slid onto Mart’s face to pull him up and share a deep kiss, full of emotions. His mate let him do this. He kissed back slowly, savoring his taste. His hand stopped while they were kissing so he could pay all his attention on Dave’s lips. He thought that the swirling emotions he felt for him and had to suppress until now, will burst his chest. He looked down at him with a cloudy gaze after pulling away a bit.

“Let me go, please… I want to…” he had to swallow from anticipation “… taste you down there too… Do you want it?” he looked deep into the shining eyes, caressing the swollen lower lip with his thumb. He could never get enough of this sight.

For a few moments Dave just watched the beautiful deep-green and open eyes then he pulled him closer for a last kiss and after it he whispered onto his mouth: “Badly…”

A small smile appeared on Mart’s face and he had to steal one more quick kiss.

“Anything for you, luv…” and he left a wet trail with his tongue on the hot skin, going lower and lower on the body, which was shaking only for him. After a few moments he was already kissing and licking Dave’s V-line, puffing his hot breath onto it while his hand found the waiting member again.

Dave was shaking and moaning from the desire he felt. He pressed his head into the mattress and scratched Mart’s shoulders. He wanted to feel the maddeningly hot wetness around his cock badly!

Martin’s painfully pounding heart was filled with another wave of love – he wanted to give everything he could to Dave. He had to pant from this intense feeling and press his face to Dave’s hip. With his cloudy eyes he focused onto the delightful hardness in front of him. He leant it against his fingers and pulled himself together to run his hungry tongue on it. Dave looked down at the man tasting him and he had to caress his face full with love before he’d go out of his mind from his pampering.


Jen was biting her own lip painfully to prevent any sound escaping her. She knew that this was the last tender moment for a while before the upcoming hot minutes. She didn’t want to think. She tried to calm down her swirling emotions a bit to watch the scene ‘detachedly’, to ‘size up’ the whats and the whys. But she couldn’t calm her fast heartbeat as she followed Martin sliding his wet mouth on her husband’s rock-hard cock. She couldn’t imagine how two men could be this fond to each other. When Dave told about their relationship, she couldn’t understand - and to be honest she didn’t really wanted to see it. The news shocked her. But now she saw it. She saw as the emotions evolved and consumed each other – the air was heavy from them. She saw the love in the green eyes. The bounding, the need, the acceptance… She’d met such pure emotions very long ago – if she had at all. They loved each other for their true selves. Even though seeing this and knowing the possible consequences scared her, she admired it. It shocked her, stamped her and swept her away… She realized that she wanted to have someone who loves her this much.


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