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Shayan Akbar - Prison Dad
Shayan Akbar - Prison Dad : Chapter 3 - part 2

Chapter 3 - part 2

  2012.10.15. 10:00

The lad stared down the firm fuzzy body again as the man's dangerous weapon went relentlessly to work on him. He couldn't deny his dark desire to have his tough-nut dad inside him, and yeah, this was what it was like. This was just what it was like. Live with it, Jack. He tuned back into the wank-fantasy which had turned him on so much and made him want to submit to this ordeal in the first place... The unbearably horny idea of his straight prison thug dad offering him a chance to experience a raw fuck from a real man. Yeahhhhhh. The real fuckin deal. Tattooed muscly fighter doin him like that horny bitch in the porn mag. Fuck yeahhhh. Undeniable pleasure flooded into his hand and head. The fire still burned but he found he could just about override it. A kind of dreamy acceptance descended over him. Yeah, this is what it's like, Jack. Never gonna be easy, was it?

He was still moaning loudly all the while with each deep firm thrust. The speed increased still further. The man rested most of his weight on his right arm and placed the wrist of his other arm over the lad's mouth, forcing both his smooth legs up a little further as he did so.

'Bite on that son. We don't wanna make too much noise, eh?'

Jack nodded eagerly. His mouth clamped on to firm hairy muscle.

'Told you I'd give yer the fuck o your life, dint I? Nothin feels quite like yer dad's big dick, huh?'

A muffled moan from the boy in response, his cute face in the dim red glow looking imploringly at him. Perfect.

'Yeahhh... This was always gonna happen, kiddo. Just how things are meant to be, y'know? You and me...'

Fuck, that pussy hole felt sweet; he'd loosened it up good and proper. Sike, you always were a fuckin stud. Yeahhhh. The lad would never forget this night as long as he lived...

'Still gonna look after you, son, don't you worry. You just gotta learn to take the rough with the smooth, y'know? I'm the best fuckin dad you'll ever have.'

Jack felt the force of the man's tough love sear him. The meaty snake slid back and forth, brutal and unstoppable. The fire in his hot hole was being replaced by a kind of numbness which was proving easier for him to deal with. He rubbed himself with growing pleasure as the fuck began to shift up another gear. Oh yeahhhh. This was the real fuckin deal. Him and his dad, together at last. Dad showin him how it was done with that mighty motherfuckin tool. They were really fuckin doin it. He chewed urgently on the firm muscle pushing down on his face. He'd show his dad what he was made of.

'Fuckin good, innit?' Sike gave him a slightly malicious grin.

The boy nodded passionately in his drunken daze, still moaning with each thrust. Yeah. Fuckin good torture, more like. But it was gettin better n better. Startin to feel soooo good now... He was really takin it, like a good boy. Doin what he was told.

'Fuck yeahhh. Dad's showin yer now, huh? This is what it's really like.' He drilled his stare into the lad's cute young face. 'You're lovin it, intcha? Takin it like that dirty bitch...'

Jack shifted his head a little so he could speak. 'Nnnn... You're the... Nnnngh... Fuckin man, dad... Nnnnnnnnghhhh' He chewed again at the man's hard, hairy forearm flesh and his moans continued.

Sike snarled at him, nostrils flared, teeth bared. The minutes rolled by, feeling like hours to Jack, the powerful assault on his rear becoming more urgent as the finish line neared. The man was sweating with the exertion of keeping his hefty body in position supported mostly by the one arm. It was like a work-out in itself, but he knew it was a good show for the lad to see how fit his dad was, so he stuck with it a bit longer. Sweat dripped from his forehead on to the lad's face. Deep animal grunts and muffled moans filled the cell.

Jack knew his dad was gettin close, because he could tell by the look on his face and the noises he was makin. Fuck yeah. He realised with a jolt that it meant a load of fresh cum was about to be shot up his hole. Fuck. He hadn't really thought about that. Like his dad was breedin with him or somethin... Yeaahhh... So horny and dirty.

'Yeahhh, you're fuckin takin it now, intcha? Almost there, son...'

The heat of the room seemed to intensify, the dim red glow illuminating the hot fuck's inevitable conclusion. Nothing else existed.

The man's lustful imagination was filled with the thought of pumping his seed into the smooth, defenceless youth beneath him. He was the fuckin man alright. Tough. Dominating. He took his arm away from the lad's mouth to hear him moan properly again - fuck the screws - and sat up for a moment, glancing down to look again at his mature veiny manhood violating the boy. Oh yeahhh... Fuckin look at that... Dad meat pluggin his son's virgin hole. He kept his lad's legs wide in mid-air with his arms and leaned forward to pin down those smooth, young arms against the bed, wanting to prevent the lad from pleasuring himself. This was about what he wanted now and he was gonna cum. The boy had to learn to wait until his dad was fully satisfied.

Jack's horny young mind was buzzing wildly at the reality of the raw and ferocious fuck and the weight of the hard man forcing him down. Total straight male domination. His dad's engorged manhood rammed him over and over, his own dick forcibly abandoned by the tight grip on his upper arms, taut tattooed muscle keeping him in place. He gazed at the scar on the man's thick neck, down to the firm rounded fuzzy pecs - fuck he wanted to chew on those nipples so much - down to where that big dick was workin his hole like it was a fuckin pussy. His strong prison dad was really givin it to him.

'Yeaaahhhh. You fuckin like that?'

'Nnnnghhh. Yeah... Harder... Dad.'

'Gonna shoot you full o my cum any minute, son. You ready for that?'

Sexy dominant aggression filled Jack's skull and vision. His own meat denied, he was being forced to concentrate completely on his tough-nut dad's satisfaction, the hardness of him, his hot cum... He's a real fuckin man, your dad is, Jack. Yeahhhh. He was fuckin ready alright. He could almost taste the man's hot juice in his gob.

'Oh yeah. Please dad. I want it all.'

Sike was on fire, his groin a steely machine, muscles workin overtime to pound the lad's rear end, nutsack banging against smooth skin. So unbelievably fuckin good. It had been far too long...

'You're gonna fuckin get it, son.'

'Yeah, go on dad. Fuckin shoot yer load in me...'

Sike nodded fiercely. Nearly fuckin there... The lad was fuckin takin it all, his dad's big straight dick riding him like a horny bitch. Cute little fucker. Takin it.

'Oh yeah. Oh yeahhhh. Fuck yeahhhh. I'm fuckin comin, son...'

Dad and son united in sex. They stared at each other in the hellish gloom, Sike breathing heavily as he tipped over the edge, eyes glazing over, Jack moaning frantically as the king-size meat made it's last few savage thrusts inside him. The excitement of feeling his dad pinning him down ready to unload filled him with a sudden fierce pride. His dad was about to shoot in him... This was the real thing. This was the REAL FUCKIN THING.

'Go for it, dad. Yeahhh...'


The man's muscled body shivered with ecstasy as he began to pump the cum from his nuts. Fuckin givin it to him. He rammed it one last time to the base and stayed there. Total satisfaction. Shootin it...

Jack felt the hot nutsack pressing against his skin and the pulsing of thick meat inside as the seed was released. Injection of pure masculinity from his tough-nut dad. Felt so fuckin RIGHT. He moaned his approval, high with horny relief at his dad's climax, drenched in testosterone and sweat. Fuckin hot. So fuckin hot. The perfect moment stretched out into the heavy night. He could hardly believe what had just taken place. He'd fuckin takin it like that bird in the porn mag. Yeahhhh... Good boy, Jack. Did yer dad proud, dintcha? Dintcha? His dick yearned for release, but it could wait. He watched his dad keenly.

Sike was savouring his moment of triumph. He breathed in and out loudly and stared down at his conquest in the aftermath, beads of sweat dripping on the boy. That had been too fuckin good. He nodded at the lad, a broad grin breaking out on his rough face.

'Told yer it'd be the fuck of your life, son. What do ya reckon?'

Jack stared at him in rampant horny submission, pinned to the bed, fists clenched, shaking slightly with the intensity of the experience. That straight meat was still lodged right up inside him, feeling like it had always belonged there. Yeahhhh... The fuck of his life... That was an understatement. How fuckin lucky are you, Jack? He grinned back.

'Yeah. You're fuckin good, dad.'


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