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The Clan - Halo
The Clan - Halo : Chapter 1

Chapter 1

  2011.07.18. 11:10

Chapter 1

The beautiful Budapest was covered by heavy rainclouds. It didn’t matter, the devoted Depeche Mode fans were already waiting excited in front of the stadium. There was a chance that the show will be cancelled because of the frontman’s sickness, but the Hungarian fan base was waiting curiously for news about their living God’s condition.

In the hotel the band was packing and preparing for the performance. Dave Gahan was sitting comfortably in Martin Gore’s bed as if it was his own furniture at home.
- Do you think the chick will be here? – he asked excitedly the approaching blond man, not taking his eyes off of the freshly showered, still wet and naked body.
- She’ll come. Remember, we informed about her months ago. She’s a fan and she comes with her friends from that Hungarian fan forum, which is watched by our connections – Martin stepped closer gently hugging him. – Don’t be nervous, everything will be fine. Even we cannot fuck up everything in this world.
- Are you sure, Daddy? – Dave hugged the naked man to him as if he could hide and save him from all of Dave’s fears. – You know that this is our last chance.
The curly man sighed deeply and stroked along the narrow back with love and encouragement. – I’ll try everything to make this work.

Meanwhile in front of the stadium a group of young girls couldn’t wait to get in. The tension and insecurity they felt towards their favorite music band were finally set free. They will be there within minutes and the girls are close to the stage. The excitement kept them warm even in the rainy weather, not to mention the running until they reached the first row. But they did it. Screaming and jumping girls were celebrating loudly, not knowing anything about what may come.

- Come on, lads – Jonathan rushed the band behind the curtains – SHOWTIME!
The first chords from the intro started swimming towards the sky. The sad sounds of the Turkish horns broke the sky open, making it flood the earth with its heavy teardrops.
- YES! We play in the open again! – Andy cried out loudly – Face won’t stay dry after us! – he laughed with the others as they stepped on stage one by one.
Dave came out last, bowed in front of the crowd as a sign of his respect and walked to the microphone stand accompanied by the audience’s cheers and whistles. (Happy birthday Soffy :P  from Eddy) He looked back at the band as a sign while he grabbed the stand with both hands as if it was a lover he hasn’t seen a long time ago. He smoothed his hips close to it, moving slowly like a snake to the passionate rhythm. Probably the micstand fell in hypnosis just like the now silent girls staring up at him. Dave smiled down on them with his shining dark gaze from behind the curtain of rain. Mother Nature has set the atmosphere for him again.

The show has officially started as the master of ceremony moaned the first sounds towards the sky. The magic in his voice enchanted the crowd and by the time he reached the first refrain all of them became his slaves. He grinned eagerly from this and now he could observe them because of his more important mission. A dark-brown girl in the first row caught his eyes. She was completely lost in the music and his voice. “Come on, baby! Look at me!” To this thought the young girl opened her eyes and locked its brown glow with the singer’s burning gaze.

Like a bolt a shiver ran through the girl’s body from the strong energy. Dave kept looking into her eyes as if he wanted to communicate like this. It seemed that the message got through, because slowly the girl moved her head, nearly in a trance-like state, signaling a “yes”. Dave broke the connection with a similar gesture then he got back into his role. The girl came to her senses and shook her head, feeling dizzy from the whole thing. Her friends were jumping up and down around her. Depeche Mode was playing live. She took in where she was and went on with enjoying the performance with that strange vibrating feeling inside of her. Maybe it was because of the pouring rain and the cold. Who knows?

- After party! – one of her friends screamed on the dark street with a bottle of beer in her hand. – Come on, Sophie, sing with us! – they laughed still under the spell of the event. They were all drunk from all the stimuli their overwhelmed senses got. But the forming street party suddenly faded for Sophie when she spotted a glowing green pair of eyes in the darkness. She nearly felt as an obligation to follow them into the unknown.
- Sophie? Where did she go? – her friends’ calls were already far from her mind, although she was just a few meters far yet. She went through the bushes that first looked impenetrable. Maybe they opened in front of her? She walked down some deserted alley between the knocked-over dumpsters. Stray cats stopped shocked in front of her then hissed loudly at her while she marched towards her destination steadfastly and senselessly. It was still a mystery even for her where she was headed.

She didn’t know Pest that much, but it seemed she was in Kőbánya or Kispest, around the old factory sites. She got here quite quickly and stood in front of a workers’ motel. Exactly where was she and why?

Her mind was slightly clearer, but she headed into the crumbling house still not in control over her actions. She went up to the first floor and through the corridors filled with refuse and damp dusty air until she reached a door locked with a padlock. Well then… what’s now? After a few minutes of perplexity she sighed resignedly and grabbed the padlock. It seemed it was just pieced together, because it opened in her hand. There were no other excuses, she had to go in if she came this far. The youthful curiosity has won again.

The open door seemed to close on its own behind her. It was certainly the draught. The half-lit room was surprisingly tidied. And clean! Old arabesque carpets on the floor, heavy black curtains with golden edges on the windows, letting in the full moon’s curious gaze as it waited what Sophie will do in this strange place.

Stepping inside she walked around the room. She stroked along the carefully placed objects that seemed ancient as they lay on the shelves. Knives, candelabras… as if it was some kind of a place for rituals. Even the air was somehow clearer with the sweet nauseous smell of joss-sticks. In front of the windows where the floor was clear from the carpets the moonlight lit an open pentagram carved into the wood. The pentagram was open at the bottom in the middle of the double circle, as if it symbolized the head of a goat.

The brunette sighed nervously and lumped down into one of the enormous carved armchairs. Well then… why did she come here? This is like in those strange dreams again. Did she fell asleep from the booze after the concert? It can’t be, she didn’t drink that much to forget everything. From her deep thoughts – and nearly getting a heart attack – she jumped up when the door’s opening sound was accompanied by a deep giggling male voice behind her. As she turned around she froze immediately. Maybe this was a dream after all.

With wide grins Dave and Martin walked into the room, followed by a figure in a cape. The singer jumped in front of her with a nearly childish happiness.
- Here you are! You found us after all!

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