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The Clan - Halo
The Clan - Halo : Chapter 2

Chapter 2

  2011.07.18. 11:11

Chapter 2

Luckily she was hugged keenly, this way she didn’t collapse right away from the shock. She stared petrified at the chuckling Martin over Dave’s shoulder.
- Hey, Dave, don’t scare her off now that we found her! – It was difficult for the other man to command himself and let her down then he helped her to sit back into the big armchair seeing her instability. While the other two figures stepped closer too, Dave sat down cross-legged on the carpet, like a good little boy when waiting for his tale, and looked up at the girl who tried to collect herself.

Sophie was just staring at him. Every cell of her body tried to scream, but she could only gawp silently. But seeing the blonde musician a “fuck” in Hungarian slid out of her mouth to Dave’s greatest delight…
- I think this was ugly – he said as the little devil appeared in his features as the tip of his tongue appeared between his lips.
The girl jumped up after taking a deep breath and started sputtering at one go.
- I’m sorry if our stories hurt you, we had no bad intentions with them. And in fact we respect your privacy. And we don’t profit anything from this.
Mart stopped her big sally, gently stepping to her and softly putting his hand on her shoulder. Suddenly Sophie calmed down from the touch of the cool hand, even if she wasn’t warm in her soaking wet clothes.
- Relax, little girl! Your writings were exactly that attracted our attention. You have good intuitions. And there’s nothing offending. We are lovers.
- Ohhh! – she sat back in the armchair surprised. Wait a minute! Now they came here, or called her here, because they like what they write about them? And they really are lovers! Alright, it’s quite obvious if someone looks closely at the gestures between them, but… Dave Gahan and Martin Gore wanted to meet her! Maybe this really was just a dream.
- No, you’re not dreaming! – the singer said quietly – Sure, I know what you’re thinking. You don’t have to fear. Do you remember the first time we called you a few months ago? You thought that you were dreaming.
- Weeeelll, I wasn’t? When two energies were observing me in the middle of nowhere?
- Yep – he jumped to his feet – Those were us with Curly. We called for help, because… - here he looked at his partner hesitantly.
- Because we cannot get closer to each other anymore – Mart finished it a bit sadly.
The girl was still staring at them. She should help on them? How? Getting closer? In bed?
- No, we have no problems in bed. Thanks – the blonde man laughed – Somehow we drifted apart with Dave during the years and we cannot reverse it.
- I see. So what exactly should I do?
- Dave will tell you everything, I still have to run some errands – he pressed a quick kiss on the other man’s lips – I’ll wait for you in the hotel.
And he was already on his way, leaving the strange pair behind.

- Don’t you want to take off your wet clothes? – he carefully asked the girl who was still looking at him with an oblique glance. Like someone waking up from a dream she looked up and swallowed hard as she nodded. To this Dave got closer – he really shouldn’t scare her off – and slowly helped her out of her jacket. He covered her head and back with a big bathing sheet that he had fetched from a nearby commode.
- We have some other rooms here and some bathrobes, too. If you like, you can take a hot shower.
Sophie wrapped the towel around her as if he suggested a shower with him.
- Okay! Relax! Old satyr mode off – he murmured with a smile and turned up the heater.
Sitting opposite in their armchairs they were looking at each other for long awkward minutes. None of them dared to take a step. 

- So you don’t even know what kind of abilities you have? – he got bored from the silence – You have second sight, too. And you feel our relationship with Curly quite well.
- I have strange dreams and intuitions, but no, I never thought about it this way. And I didn’t write the stories alone.
- No. We don’t mean that bloodthirsty sadist girl, but you and what you wrote with others. Somehow we are the opposites of each other with him. We cannot get rid of each other. Nor can we get closer. Like a bipolar magnet – the man admitted these quietly, nearly like someone thinking out aloud to himself. Finally listening not to her mind, but heart she stepped over her strange feelings and let herself see the man sitting in front of him. A tired, slightly broken and perplexed man looked sadly into her eyes.
- And I’ll be able to help? I have little experience when it comes to relationships. And the things I wrote are all fictions too.
- Sure you can help. We need your understanding and intuitive skills. It’s a little bit as if you were standing between us. As if you got enough from both of us to be the link between us. We have arranged everything we just need your word to go tomorrow night.
- What? Where are we going and when?
- You’ll come with us. We arranged it with your school too, it counts into your studies. The dean has already sent a letter to your parents. You’ll be our communication assistant. After all it’s true – he chuckled looking at the once more bewildered girl. – It’s nearly dawn, the car is outside. I take you home and you’ll discuss the whole thing there.

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