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The Clan - Halo
The Clan - Halo : Chapter 3

Chapter 3

  2011.07.18. 11:12

Note: Thanks for Useless-girl for the editing. Without her this chapter wouldn’t exist, because of organizing the Christmas parties.

Chapter 3

“Dave Gahan is driving the car and is taking me home to talk about me going with them”. All the new information was buzzing in her head as the rented Mercedes was sweeping on the road accompanied by the rising sun’s orange beams.

She was sitting still stiffly next to the comfortably sprawled man, not wanting to accidentally touch him. Listening to the radio Dave happily drummed the Hungarian alternative music’s rhythm on the wheel.
- Who are they? – he turned to the girl who came to her senses with a little jump.
- Uhm, I think Zagar. They were the supporting act.
- Then that’s why the guy sounds familiar – he grinned at her warmly – They’re not bad! Sadly we rarely have the chance to watch the opening acts – he turned his attention back on the road because of a curve.
Sophie felt a bit relieved from this. “You stupid girl, if you really want to help them then you should get over this soon. And of course you want to help on those who mean this much to you.” After she finished scolding herself, she sighed deeply, making up her mind, and her mood eased off a bit.
- Super! It was high time for you to understand – he chuckled on her impishly. Obviously his extra senses helped him again.
- Yes, I think the same. I’ll try not to be too slow – she blushed a bit from the burning gaze.
The rest of the trip went by quicker and in a nicer mood. To strengthen Sophie’s confidence the singer asked for nearly continuous commentary of the Hungarian radio program.

At home everything happened so quickly that later they were already on their way back to Budapest when she started thinking through the scene. It was true: everything was taken care of. Her father had already read the letter from the university, which said that thanks to her exceptional abilities she can get a unique opportunity. Of course her parents were very surprised seeing the man greeting them in English, but her father recognized him quite quickly. Her mother’s many objections because of the distance and the insecurities were finally eased by the low baritone and the arguments of the nice stranger, stating that this is really an exceptional opportunity – and with her beloved music band. And of course the ace sentence: they can call her free anytime and from anywhere on the band’s charge.

- We are here, madam! – Dave held the door for her, bowing like a groom in the hotel’s parking lot, watching the girl with an impish smile as she was lost in her thoughts again.

- This will be your bedroom in my suite, if you don’t mind. Relax, I won’t sleep here, this is just for alibi – his tongue appeared between his lips again. – Feel yourself at home. Indeed, don’t you have a nickname? I saw that you call yourself Useless-girl. I guess cuz of the song.
- Well yes, that song fits me in many things… “head in the clouds”…
- True! – they both laughed.
- My friends call me Usi, too… - she went on a bit shyly.
- That’s better! It refers to useful a bit. We don’t want to call you useless. Especially because we need you. – Now it was Dave’s turn to look aside confused as he watched the obviously melting girl. He nearly heard the long “AWWWWWWW”, too.

- Well then, you can unpack and I go to the neighboring room – he pointed at a door between the rooms, which he carefully opened and sneaked in like a slink shadow.

The revealed scene through the door left ajar made Usi give out real melting sighs. In the dark room Martin was sleeping covered up to his neck. Dave knelt down next to the bed by his head and started softly caressing his curls and forehead. The pampered one sighed and looked at him with such daydreaming and burning eyes, as if he woke up to the most beautiful vision.
- You little lazy thing. Sleeping in the early afternoon while the wife runs errands? – the singer softly kissed the blonde head.
- I missed you, you little beast – the other man pulled him close for a hot kiss.
They were drinking each other’s breath groaning and hugging tightly. Dave was nearly lying on the bed and on his pair.
- Daddy… the little girl… - he breathed wobbly when he was able to pull away from him.
- What’s with her, sweetie? She likes what she sees.

And it was true: the picture that came alive from her fantasy unwillingly drew the girl closer – until she was standing by the foot of the bed.
Dave jumped up nearly frightened, clearing his throat and thoughtfully examining the floor. “Oh god, even his neck is purple. He is so cute.” She barely finished this thought and the startled black eyes glanced at her. Oh yes, he knows what she thinks.
- Be careful, because he can get even redder – the blond man sat up with an ear-to-ear smile, finding the scene very amusing. – By the way I don’t get it, you will know everything about us anyway. Or rather you were right about a lot of things, but there are things that are in a different way.
- Well, I’m glad that you get on well with each other and that we guessed things right, but obviously there are quite some mistakes.
- Well there are – Dave rather looked out of the window then took a deep breath and turned back to her a bit calmer – For example, the line-up has changed long ago. And if we look at the real world this is wrongly not just in your stories. I’m not an egoist monkey. I’m Martin’s pet.

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