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The Clan - Halo
The Clan - Halo : Chapter 4

Chapter 4

  2011.07.18. 11:17

Chapter 4

- Hey Mart…
- Uh-huh…
- Have you ever thought that she will end up in your bed this quickly?
- You perv! I have never thought in the first place that you won’t be able to control yourself and be all over me in her bed.
- Is it a problem???
- Not at all, I just expected some more temperance after you blushed that much. Okay, don’t skew at me like this, I know that you barely know what that word means.
Curly caressed the dark curled head in between deep chuckles, while Dave kissed the naked skin of his chest lazily and sleepily.
- It’s not true. I was a good boy now – he moved into a more comfortable position as if he was lying on some kind of a mattress. Martin turned them on their sides still holding him in his arms, but now he could look into the other man’s eyes. Unwittingly he softened again, like nearly every time he looked at him.
- You are a good boy, sweetie – his voice failed him and his shining irises sent pure adoration into the dark eyes. Some kind of a golden fog started to swirl around Mart’s body as he opened up himself, letting his true self go.
- Oh Mart – he shivered feeling weak from the power that went through his body and he let his own dark energies go as well. Their skin became hot, still a shiver ran through them from the strong energy-exchange. Their human form faded and some unearthly instinct-led creatures were embracing and caressing each other gasping for air in the half-lit room, speaking on their common language with their sighs, growls and eyes about all the things the other meant to them.

Dave the cat was growling from the depths of his throat as he gave long licks on his partner’s neck, purring as he licked his shoulder clean, nuzzling to him with his head and body as a flattery. The golden pampered one countered him slightly coldly, but in his look some deep yearning reflected. Maybe he didn’t try hard enough to persuade him. Dave tried to carefully roll over him, wrapping him in his energies, caressing him, but after Martin let the wave shiver through his body, he bit Dave’s neck hard to command him back on the sheet.

He let the pain run through him with a groan filled with deep pleasure. He wanted to enjoy every second of it, he wanted to store it. Unwittingly his long fingers dug into the blond hair, he scratched the other man as if begging for more. It seemed he was successful, because after a deep satisfied growl the teeth penetrated deeper into the crook of his neck.
- Please, dear – he whispered out of breath, licking him along with his dark power over and over again. Mart let him go, slightly pulling back, kinda giving him permission to show him how much he wanted that something.

As the shiny fog let the black creature with the nearly completely cat-like features go, he shivered from the cold. First his dark swirling fire then his body too moved automatically and right away after the other figure as he lifted himself up. He started to lick and bite the blond man nearly desperately wherever he could reach him, murmuring on his low tone to express his gratitude even for the possibility for letting him taste the soft white skin under the golden glow. It seemed that his pair was satisfied with his struggle. He slowly descended closer to Dave, lying down next to him and now both of their greedy hands were moving on each other’s body. No matter that Mart “had” to stay in his role, he was at the brink of losing his self-control that kept him from giving in to this devilish hot and stunning fire, which was trying to melt his body and soul persistently to finally get inside to his true self. Finally the soft, barely touching burning fingers on his sensitive parts enchanted him. He instinctively let his power through the other man with an enormous wave, making Dave dizzy with its intensity as he nearly collapsed over Mart’s body that was now waiting for him.

Martin slowly turned between his arms, like a calling and agreeing to what Dave asked from him. Obviously the one nuzzling to his back and still pampering Martin saw fewer moving gestures than this. Dave smoothed tightly along Mart’s chest, stomach and waiting member, purring and rubbing against him with his whole body constantly.

By this time their energies were swirling like a whirlpool around them as their black blood was nearly burning their bodies from the inside. They fulfilled the mating ritual of wild instinct-led animals. The light of their passion nearly lit the dark room as their tortured souls tried to break free from their bodies that moved to the same rhythm, their divided being trying to become one again.

Usi sat up in the bed. Suddenly she didn’t know where she was and what had happened. It was as if she woke up to the sound of a far-away thunder. Looking down at herself she finally realized why she was dressed and in what bed she was in. Where are the boys? Through the barely open door she heard wild panting and throaty growls. It looked as if some kind of an eerie light got through from the semi-dark room.

She stepped to the door and opened it a bit scared. The two glowing bodies were embracing each other calmly now in the safety of their own then in their mixed blood-red light.

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