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The Clan - Halo
The Clan - Halo : Chapter 5

Chapter 5

  2011.07.18. 11:18

Note:  Sadly because of the constant running around I send the chapters in parts to Usi when I happen to have 10 free minutes, because she’s a greedy impatient cat :P So from now on Usi stepped forth as the Clan’s editor of chief, who edits the material she gets. Thanks, dear! 

Chapter 5

She was having her umpteenth cigarette on the balcony. After she first ran out here, she was carefully observing the camping fans in front of the hotel standing by the wall. Now she was on the other side too. Slowly Usi started to digest the last day’s happenings. After Dave surprised her with stating that Martin is the dominant one in their relationship and in general she needed this loneliness. It felt good.

If the people standing down there knew that a day ago she was one of them… and what are really going on behind the watched windows… Now she felt that devotion far away too, which could excite her yesterday. She saw it with her own eyes that the guys are just simple humans with feelings – or rather simple beings with feelings. That was still not completely clear to her, but surprisingly not strange either. As if she belonged to them.

It was slightly curious, but she nearly felt safe with these - after all - strangers. The things she thought she knew about them seemed not true in many cases. Now at least she will get to know them. She was lost in her thoughts as she turned for another stinky stick and she nearly got a heart attack again.
- Oh god, you always walk around like cats?
- Huh huh huh huh – Martin laughed with a slightly confused expression – Cat? Dave is the cat.
- Well yes. Everyone calls him black panther and you’re the lion.
- Yep, cuz of my hair. Although I’m not – she stepped to the balustrade, making the fans scream loud. He even waved to them then stepped back into the shadow next to the girl. – Indeed, you’re our fan too. But you didn’t hug us.
- Well, Dave started with that, if you remember, and it was quite shocking.
- Well, you have to get used to it. Dave is quite shocking – he mused smiling to himself, but he noticed that Usi weighted him flatly. – So you saw us.
- No, not really – she blushed and looked away – By the time I woke up you were finished – she gabbled quietly.
- Uh-huh. You have to stop doing this, because I’m not exactly the shy type, but this way I’ll have two people to tease – He needed to laugh again from the scared look and he put his arm around her shoulder comfortingly – Relax, you’ll get used to us. You were finished off quickly in my bed.

Both of them were laughing now as they stepped back into the room. Usi started to ease up. She had decided anyway that if she was already on her way, she will do her best to understand and help the boys.
- Martin, how did you want to do this?
- Honestly? We don’t know it yet either. We thought that we’ll give you the chance to ask what you want to know about us and meanwhile we three will get to know each other as well. But we will ask back too – Mart winked as he examined the menu.
 “Well that’ll be great… I should ask them about gay love when they always embarrass me.”
- Oh please, little girl! Bisexual. Gay men doesn’t have such reputation – he rolled his glowing eyes theatrically – Alright, I stop it, but you have to be clear with it that we know what’s going on up there.

“At least they can amuse themselves on me. I could be the good mood guard.” With a the-game’s-up sigh she started rummaging in her bags for clean clothes, heading for the bathroom.

The brunette girl got lost in the aroma of the honey-almond shower gel she found on the shelf and in the relaxing hot cascade. Her buzzing head cleared up a bit. Somewhere she felt that she’ll have to make many decisions about herself by the time she can accept this whole thing. Of course she has tons of questions, but does she have the courage to ask them? Maybe she won’t have the chance to ask them, because she nearly fainted again because of the sound of the opening shower-door.
- Hey, you good mood guard! Would you like grilled chicken for an early dinner? What? You think I’ve never seen a wet chick? – Martin teased her, but he didn’t really look into the cabin. – Mmmmm, you have nice tom-cat smell – and with this he left the girl there, who was laughing on herself.
After all what else could she do? She has to be with awfully silly men. Well, she already knew this about them.

By the time she finally got there fresh, dressed and giggling the blond man had already set the table in the small common living room. She was invited to the table with a friendly gesture.
- Dave? He won’t eat?
- The beast is sleeping – a soft smile ran through Curly’s face – It’s true that he’s running around all the time, but he’s not twenty anymore. Don’t worry, he’ll eat up half of the kitchen when he gets up.
Now that they started eating the not small amount of food Usi realized that she was hungry like a wolf.
- But as I see it’s possible that nothing will be left for him.
- Ehmm… sorry, but this is very tasty. Martin? Then can I ask you something?
- Shoot.
- Since when and why are you lovers? If it’s not too personal.
- Well, you’ll have to ask personal questions if you want to know us. Since when? Broadly speaking since the beginning. We both had this side in us and we knew it from each other. And in these circles bed comes quickly, especially when you’re a teenager. Why? Well, that’s a good question. When you’re young sex leads everyone, but we are somehow linked from the beginning. In the last thirty years we both tried to tear it apart, not paying attention to it, with quite desperate acts. Nowadays we accept it that we have to be together. Or I should say now I accept it too. It’ll be a very long story, you know it, right? Why? Maybe because we are so different but we still have a lot in common – he laughed silently – It’s no coincidence that the “Angel Martin and Demon Dave” stage appearance had took shape and stayed. It expresses our opposing nature. Well, let’s just say that I was everything to him but an angel – the serious man became quiet at the end of his monologue and got lost in his thoughts and salad.
Usi felt the meaning of his answer. Not really with her mind but with her heart. The ancient truth about the round whole. They are complete together. The devil and the angel, who love each other, can find the blessings of peace and completeness with each other.

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