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Sea Of Sin

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The Clan - Halo : Chapter 6

Chapter 6

  2011.07.18. 11:19

Chapter 6

Sophie was switching channels on Martin’s telly, lost in her thoughts. After the late lunch the man left her alone with her thoughts and with the quietly snoring Dave in the next room. She got more to digest to the first one, and some guidelines to the latter one, warning her that it’s better not to talk to the singer at all until he comes completely to his senses and that she shouldn’t take his usual grumbling mood upon herself. Dave nearly always wakes up with all the pain in the world.

Until the blonde man went to some club with Andy and the others she quietly switched the channels and looked around the bedroom easing up more and more. Not doing anything and trying to let the other man rest in the neighboring room started to make her feel somewhat uneasy. The programs of the channels could never preoccupy her for long anyway.

There were big bags and suitcases near the balcony door opened halfway with Gahan and Gore tags. Obviously the guys got used to not packing out during their short stays. The nightstand that was a part of the headboard was full of their personal stuff. Dave’s ring with the black square-shaped stone, his Rolex and Martin’s bracelets were lying around on the small shelves in a cozy chaos. At the side there was a plastic box, its lid slid off halfway off and gave sight on a big pile of meds. Her heart sank seeing the David Gahan sign on the bottles. So he really is sick? At least six kinds of pills were lying in the case. But they said that he’s okay.

The sudden opening of the door between the rooms scared her awakening sadness. Instead she nearly melted from the sight of the very crabby Dave who was covered from head to toe with the thin blanket he wrapped around himself and dragged after him like a toga – like some grumpy little boy with his sleeping blanket after his afternoon sleep - while he toddled into the room. He growled something from under his thick stubble and took the remote from Usi’s hand as he lay down on his side like a grouchy bag of potatoes.

His tightly wrapped-up body seemed so vulnerable as he curled up like a little worm and pushed the buttons aggressively without seeing the channels!

After a few minutes and finding the cartoon channel he sat up and let the blanket slide down from his naked shoulder, revealing half of his tattooed chest to the girl’s deep embarrassment. Now he was sitting right next to her and the sweet scent of the man filled her nostrils, the heat his body gave off nearly burning her side. Judging by the laughter that was getting louder and louder she thought that now she can address him.
- Dave, do you want coffee and breakfast? Martin ordered for you too – she started carefully. With a little delay a pair of cloudy eyes turned to her with an imbecile grin.
- Curly?
- He had to go somewhere to show up with the others.
- Oh, I see – the shadow of sadness ran through his seamed features. He didn’t look at her as he turned around and put the box of meds onto his lap. Usi couldn’t watch as he gorged the poisons methodically into his mouth, as if it was a daily routine.

He looked up confused from behind the bottle of water that appeared in front of his face, swallowing the last capsules. – Oh, thanks, but I’ve got used to it like this – but he forced a kind smile on his face and took a long sip from the bottle. But the silence and not knowing what to do turned still awkward. Usi rather sat back to the table and poured some hot tea for herself, although she didn’t even like it. From the corner of her eye she saw that he went to take a shower. Great. She cannot be straight with him. It seems she has to get over this with everyone and she hasn’t even met with her adored drummer and the others yet. And that is that. At least the room she got was free and she could get to her stuffs again.

She felt elated as she switched on her laptop and searched for an internet-connection before entering her favorite pages. But looking at the fan reports and her friends’ letters everything seemed so far away. What should she say to them after this? She cannot tell them where and with who she is. They wouldn’t believe her anyway. She always hated lies. But the boys have to lie too to protect themselves and their beloved ones. Bowing to the compelling side-effects of her new fate she clicked on her friend’s name that has been blinking in the MSN window.

By the time the wet Dave appeared with only a towel around his waist she already put things to their places in her. The familiar on-line world helped her easing up. She accepted the mails, wrote the answers and read the reports. The man was watching her with a smile from the table where he really ate everything he could find. They’ll have a lot to talk about tonight.

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